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How to dress at the end of school year

How to dress at the end of the school year u End is the celebration of the school year, which should be appropriately dressed

u End is the celebration of the school year, which should be appropriately dressed Color Day is traditionally dominated by whites, blacks and shell color can be very happy, but definitely not boring Here are some suggestions.: / u
u for students / u
u first / u
White, plain blouse with short sleeves or without them - top, t-shirt -
Black, long black tights
jacket with long or 3/4 sleeve black
, full of high heels
colorful jewelery - head and bracelet on his arm -
u others / u White
shirt with long sleeves
blue skirts or tucked round - in the style of the 70s - Navy
heeled pumps in a small dark bag
u 3 / u
black, elegant dress - but not the ball - on the shoulder straps or without
Bolero White or black, short black cardigan
black wallet on a chain
u 4th / u
white satin shirt with short sleeves
Black Pencil skirt with high waist
black, wide belt
Black, full of high heels
black bag kopertówka
U Suggestions for students / u
opportunities for boys is much less
course is based on the long white shirts -. suit or short-sleeved
black pants suits or
whole outfit to dress shoes, a belt and tie - suit -
u costume at the end of the year should be elegant and very comfortable does not mean that you can get dressed in worn jeans every day, or a blouse with a neckline reaching. navel. Shades of clothing should be subdued, the classic white and black or white and blue suit, but you can also afford to graphite skirt or dress in beige. all depends on the situation, therefore, academy, school dress should be elegant and simple at the same time. / u

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