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Russian basic expressions


introduce some basic phrases in Russian, so no problem you can ask for directions or order lunch at the restaurant
b keyword phrase / b u
. That / u - as [Yes]
u net / u - not [ugly]
u Spasibo / u - thanks [spasiba]
u Give požalujsta / ​​u - please - looking for something - [dajcje, pażałsta]
u Opportunity, požalujsta / ​​u - please - give something - [wazmicje, pażałsta]
u Sorry, požalujsta / ​​u - sorry - if you want to attract attention - [izwienicje, pażałsta]
u Sorry Mne evaluation strand / u - .. Im sorry Im sorry [. izwienicje Sorry oczjeń]
u Drums spent / u - Good Morning [good morning]
u By svidaniâ / u -! Farewell [to sfidania]
u Dobryj evening / [I iszhu street]
u Here / u u away / u u otsûda / u - it is far [eta daljeka atsjuda]
u Povernite / to make u / u - turn right [powjernicje repair]
u Povernite / u u nalevo / u - turn left [powjernicje naljewa]
Go pram / u četyre / u

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