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Foreign language is not hard!

Foreign language is not difficult in a managers judgment the reader will find English words and phrases with incredible speed

In one sentence manger reader will find English words and phrases with incredible speed to bed second only to the English sentence without a record field of translation, and the third -. And games based on foreign language vocabulary in classic ... dilemmas that ass. so many ideas and ways to learn a foreign language that you do not know which one to choose.
SITA system is a method of learning foreign languages. Institutes unprecedented technology. science supports the relaxation process. to achieve a state of relaxation using a special device that resembles a multi-colored glass, mirror surface. SITA is the Polish market for several years. By this time the method has received both ardent supporters and opponents. among them there are many who have no idea about the method, however, attribute a reputation as a experts. Over the years, accumulated around the sieve system many myths and misunderstandings. One such myth is that SITA is the science of language without effort. just lie back, relax, and know she will think about us. SITA system developers emphasize that saving in a relaxed state is only one element of language learning processes. SITA does not promise great results without fuss. SITA is a system that supports language learning. Learning this method requires a significant commitment on our part. Each lesson consists of four stages, you need to read again and again and talk foreign language. Store in a relaxed state is one of the stages of learning. personal relaxation, achieve and maintain it, you also need to learn. Students typically spend two or three days.
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SITA method involves several elements, each of them is equally important and science begins to close encounter with a state of relaxation learn how to achieve this status i. insist that What is it so hard? -. someone might ask: I do it every day watching television. The science is SITA however, another kind of relaxation state of relaxation begins in the Far East .. meditation. Modern Western medicine has been able to introduce this mechanism and it is used gladly. But not everyone has the opportunity to learn the breathing techniques in meditation. SITA helps to achieve what they will spend years and a few days. Operation SITA is based on biofeedback. known and used in medicine, rehabilitation of the phenomenon is based on providing feedback to the brain about the state of the body that allow him to affect the functions of the body, usually over conscious control, such as the types of brain waves emitted. In practice, it seems much easier than it sounds. unit SITA to take the nose sunglasses odgradzają us from the visual stimuli from the environment. headphones to hear the commands teacher who leads us through the whole process of learning to relax. the nose together, attached to the device, the sensor breath. Now comes the most important. When we breath, the device, before our eyes closed, the red LED lights up. In this way we can see the rate at which we breathe. calmer breathing, slow blink on and off the LED. slower flashing lights, calm and deep breathe. Proper breathing is one of the most important skills in life. However, Most people breathe incorrectly. usually breathe too shallow and too fast. often because of the rush and stress, which are always with us. Proper breathing should take six seconds, so we need to breathe ten times per minute, while some of us in a minute eight eight p.m. breaths and exhalations are doing the same. SITA teaches us to breathe properly. work with him on vacation, your body relaxes the muscles to relax. Otherwise also began to work their brains. fall into a state of relaxation. If we look at the time of our brain work on electroencephalography, it appears that the record of our brain waves, alpha waves dominate. It is biofeedback or biofeedback. Biofeedback is used for the treatment of neuroses and ADHD. therapy is refunded by the National Health Insurance Fund, and this institution has the money .
American cardiologist Dr. Herbert Benson, noted that in the relaxed state changes of the brain bioelectric activity. What does this mean? In a relaxed state of the brain increases its potential. If him. task, he executed them much easier and quicker SITA system is used to learn languages, but there are other ways to relax about it, but at the moment
listening to Bach, or you can relax - the fall .. counterarguments - the compact disc will cost much less than SITA. Yes. only attain a state of relaxation that is one thing; its maintenance is another. One listen takes about forty minutes, and therefore sufficient time should be maintained in a state of relaxation. No long meditation practice is quite impossible. Of course, you can search for local practicing Buddhists, and from them learn to relax. I highly recommend especially for those who suffer from excess of free time. SITA aims to help those who have never previously been in contact with the breathing and relaxation techniques.
? can now enter into a state of relaxation and you in him, training usually consists of Four -. five trials with the device kilkunastominutowych SITA Now is the time to learn a foreign language In addition, the device will need to SITA SITA language -. specifically designed for education in the state of relaxation. Each course consists of records and manuals. recordings are mostly dialogues read by by professional readers. Their quiet background music, which is suitable to remain in a relaxed state. manual consists of texts, dialogues and grammatical explanations and exercises. In 2010, SITA courses are awarded the European top-quality guarantee and promote the quality of title winners.
Every language lesson SITA method consists of four stages of learning. orders and applications for achieving command helps get very good results in science.
b Initiation of Phase 1. / b Initiation is our first meeting with the material in an hour during the initiation of the text we know with whom we work. Running starts with hearing the dialogue in a foreign language, thanks to tame the melody and tone. then reads the Polish translation of the dialogue. read, considered, trying to remember the details. so We know what the dialogue and avoid nervous cover the manual, see Whats going on? . Finally, again listening to the dialogue while watching the original footage. In this way we learn a foreign language spelling and avoid surprises arise from the fact that some words sound different than look. It all kind of small things are very important to the learning process. Thanks to eliminate those elements that can distract us from the sciences. During initiation, we do not review, turn the criticism, learn like a child who accepts things for what they really are. phase Initiation our first encounter with the text, the childs first encounter with the new situation. Initiation usually takes about twenty minutes. BR b save Phase 2 / b This is a very important element of each lesson. It is twice as long as the initiation phase. It is assumed SITA device and use it to enter into a state of relaxation. When you reach this state, listening to recorded lessons. In this way, entered into language in their sound, tone and accent . dialogues were recorded in two pace, slower and faster, all the words in the dialogue translated into Polish. whole is repeated three times. Our brain is pretty lazy, will soon cease to assimilate the information given uniformly, hence the diversity. With this information the opportunity to have short-term memory in permanent memory. last ten minutes of recording hours of relaxing music. In this way, our brain has time to separate messages stored and edited. BR b Phase 3 activation. / b activation will last at least thirty minutes . Its purpose is to start, activate the newly discovered content. During activation, we strive to create the information that we received in the previous stages. Co. Although in our memory, but so far only as being out of context. must be loud to the on the characteristics of the words usually associated with concrete situations. In this way over time to avoid thinking about what word to use, but will we put it in a sentence. If a handy I miss the reader, we say simply foreign words aloud. This allows our brain to create a logical connection between the foreign word. It is very important to discuss stacking sentences aloud. Only in this way our brains are so-called memory traces, which will enable us to recall a word or phrase, youll need in the real situation - Speak .. , speak and speak again - experts point out methodological SITA - the patent on the best science u. In this way children learn to do is just grow up Theres no better nature -. the millions of years to test his method of learning
by SITA, and not to teach grammar -. critics say online forums. know immediately that these are people who speak loudly about something never seen before. It was during activation have the opportunity to learn the grammar of the language. SITA Each course, except for records, see the manual describes the basic rules governing language. Obviously this is not the same level of detail, we know from academic textbooks. But keep in mind that SITA is not intended for future translators and interpreters. In fact, if we can describe all the grammatical rules governing the Polish language? Im afraid that most of us do umiałaby not to mention some of them. Yet it does not matter in a relaxed and effective communication.
b Phase 4 Repeat. / b Again, we assume
SITA device and enter a state of relaxation. repeat penultimate phases of memory, respectively, after activation of the third lesson, we repeat the second phase of memory hours after activation of the fourth hour, repeat the lesson, the third phase of memory retention, etc. Repetition is analogous to memory, with the difference that applies to repeat the previous lesson.
can see clearly now that the method is considered and SITA complete system of teaching. order of various phases is the way to effective learning. Each element is important. Everyone needs to work with due diligence. forget nothing and means unpleasant consequences. Imagine that you forgot to add yeast dough. After baking, add up to twice as part of the free passes. If we see the absurdity of this approach in the kitchen, you should see it in our thinking about science.
Internet trolls the Internet is a species that occurs in online forums, articles and comments published on the web . feature a troll is to have its own critical opinion on any subject. If you troll knows something, he shares his knowledge with the world. His critics will not spare anyone or any article on the successes of the Polish singer -.? musicians Moreover, it is absolutely no voice, and his career is in the bed of the new state budget assumptions -. After all this is a disaster, troll knows the economy is not worse than Leszek Balcerowicz in the forums .. the full records of people who were discouraged to learn SITA All these posts sound a lot -. I spent fifteen hundred on the site I was two or three times, and now is on the shelf and gather dust on it .. because it does not work as I read, I immediately reminds me of a joke to a Jew comes to God and begins to complain: -. Dear God, why I got on the lottery God said - or at least a completed coupon? same with SITA. method will not be effective if the science does not follow the regularity and consistency. no miracles. SITA enables the acquisition of knowledge, but no cure for laziness. Using relaxation SITA science can learn a language in less time than traditional methods. Therefore, comparisons to the call. critics in a bag and throw SITA Callan method. So, trying to compare two completely different styles of learning. Its like comparing a pickup Ferrari, just because they are both cars. In This way, May you find that the Italian car is hopeless, because I can not wear in the desert. It will be almost exactly as a sports car really stuck low in the first major suspension hole. Besides the Ferrari car is not driving on forest roads., but who cares! Callan method as a way to SITA, a two car themselves. Callan Method is a very important function of the teacher who speaks with extraordinary speed of thought. It tries to evoke in audience focus and concentration. creators of sieve methods guided by the idea that stress and haste not remembering so much learning takes place here in a relaxed state
SITA machine is used for learning foreign languages, but it can also be used for other purposes, such as the rehabilitation -. learning to breathe normally or in sport. Adam SITA uses a device before the race to control the stress and focus on it to leap forward. With SITA conditioning worked well, for a similar purpose, players team Amica Wronki. you can quickly see the benefits of regular .. Thanks to these relaxation sessions quickly and efficiently free from the stresses of everyday life
SITA method is often the subject of scientific experiments, its effectiveness was confirmed following tests:
u Professor John tylko / u at the Institute Cardiology in Anin SITA testing equipment in the rehabilitation of persons with cardiovascular disease. Relaxation showed great learning auto body sick, what is the effect of lowering blood pressure. u Mgr Stępniewski / u with the Institute of Cardiology in Anin studied group of childrens ability to remember material in a relaxed state. use the device for testing sieves. It turned out that with them, children zapamiętywały more content than normal. u Professor Rainer Dieterich / u, University of Hamburg confirmed experimentally the effectiveness of learning screens. Each of the dozens of volunteers aged 20-68 years in a week he learned more than a thousand words in French u Prof. Jacek Fisiak / u -. Director of the Institute of English Philology, University Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan -. science confirms that the English language. students SITA results obtained in tests on 85 percent of the average of correct answers classical teaching methods is 30% u Marek Rzepkiewicz / u -. head coach Preparation Athens 2004 -. very highly of the unit SITA & bdquo; use it especially for high-class athletes able to deliver a special training center for combat stress / ul
most SITA hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who keep coming back for the advanced courses, and courses in other languages ​​... SITA is the way they want, business people and doctors , who suffers from chronic lack of time, military and economic experts, which is important for the clear procedures. system SITA also opt for a salary of immigrants who want to quickly learn as a result, students preparing for exams at the express pace and future high school graduates who wanted to dip in the language
b Customers / b Among
SITA customers are.
Food Economy Bank SA Bank Industrial and Commercial SA CHP Zeran Europe 2000 Foundation ING Bank Slaski SA, Gromada Tourist Gaspol Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Department of Biophysics, University of Lodz SA Kolmex Bełchatów Mine Larcus Sp. Polish National Bank Polish PKO BP SA Pipeline Operation Company Proinwest seed of friendship Rolimpex SA SA school foreign language books Warm Polish theater Pątnów team - Adams - Konin SA / ul
After learning assumptions, it is clear that SITA is complete, carefully thought out and proven system of acquiring knowledge. therefore, belongs to the myth that promises miracles such as SITA, lie down, relax, and get up with a head full of new words. Store in a relaxed state, although very pleasant, there is only one stage of learning this method. will only succeed if it will be accompanied by other elements of SITA provides very good results, provided that you follow the procedure, and we put a little science effort and commitment seafront Useful Links / u dl dt SITA -. techniques for language / dt dd / dd / dl

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