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How to choose a good coach

How to choose a good coach u Tutoring is a very popular form of school, catch up, or expand knowledge on the subject?

u Tutoring is a very popular form of school, catch up or to improve knowledge on the subject, you can get dressed in the tenders, which are distributed on the Internet and in newspapers / U
to select a really good coach should be Consider the following guidelines.
u teacher than the students / u
good coach should be knowledgeable in essence, didactic and instructive. It should work with parents to inform them of progress and difficulties of students It is widely recognized that the right person for this moment has the necessary experience and skills - ... teachers should bear in mind that these years of practice can close tutoring for regular and boring lessons at school much more interesting it can work with the student. interest in learning and a lot more contact with children / young student, tutoring can make an interesting activity. That is, the choice that falls depends on the individual needs of students and educational level.
u quality value for money / u Price
lesson is a very important aspect when choosing a coach schedule - an hour or an hour - depends mainly on.
type of study ahead - the most expensive lessons are very popular with foreign languages ​​and are very specialized - the rate can be up to 100 zl / 1 h -, the village - a larger city, more expensive services -. / ul
should decide on a coach who offers a suspiciously low price a little better to pay extra and be sure it is selected. person who actually takes science - especially in the case considerable backlogs -.
u Tutor recommended / u
Sometimes it happens that a person with many courses, certificates and years of practice, can not convey acquired. knowledge in skillful way so well start to look for his friends - perhaps anyone recommend a good teacher If not, you can view the forum and read the opinion of the staff there, the students or their parents
u First Lesson Free ..! / u
all, there are notices on such content. Many coaches offer because the first hour free. means that they can see in the material przerabianym the school and students at the level of knowledge, which is preparing for the exam .. - must pre-determined number of hours of tutoring a student can refer to the methods of teaching and the nature of teachers
u Additional Information: / u
choosing a coach, you should see the widest possible offer and choose to meet the demands of students and parents alike in the case of overseas travel, a good idea to hire a native speaker, it their native language, and after making your selection, it is worth - just in case - keep your contacts with people who have had a positive impression. and be known reserve list Some teachers give up after a while a further hour - due to various reasons .. -., and then the student is on the ice then you can quickly make a contribution with another coach, tutor children to choose a young, cheerful and patient person who can turn learning into fun and will give up soon after school is often conducted with very troubled children, a good coach is not too late for classes and not stop them for a second, if necessary, will be a little longer. / ul

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