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How to motivate yourself to learn

How to motivate yourself to study seafront exam just around the corner, and you feel a special dislike of science to set goals and devise your own system of education

u exam just around the corner, and you feel a special dislike of science to set goals and devise your own system of education for his success, give yourself a reward -. Something that will inspire you to learn and catch inserted. In their efforts / u
u Purpose / u u
Think about what you would like to achieve in the future / u - in which role you see the little, a few years must be continued, but distant goal and strive for its realization true intentions -. for example, the desire to be desired to study or get an interesting job in the future - to create a reality - this is what you decide today will affect your life ... the first let it be something simple, like: I want to be five tests every effort to try to achieve success if colleagues wrote the test in math class with a grade, then you can - you just need to put more to learn.
u Remember future lies in your hands, and awareness of its formation should be given the strength and motivation to learn / u. nothing to wait until later, because youll get even harder to get the education and generally do not do this if you start to learn immediately -. Youll save time and nerves will not emphasize the fact that the whole before
u System Science / u
.. br effective way to encourage you to learn u If you are a visual type of person / u - learn from prepared notes or stickers with the most important information, such as:. samples, dates, foreign language vocabulary, important names, etc. Porozklejaj; them on the wall in his room u If you want to learn ear / u - Use ready-made images or burn, and Listen to excerpts from the material as often as they completely przyswoisz
If you need to master a wider range of materials .. For example, a study for the session, high school, etc. - part of the whole parts u not learn everything at once / u, the first part, then a pause, followed by a repetition of the knowledge they have gained, perhaps I. .. similar to what you have missed the second day starting from the repetition of material from the previous day, Then the first part you will learn the second part, it does not break, and then again at the end of the week -. determine how this will be the day - Repeat what you have learned so far and so long as the entire material utrwalisz
u awards / u
u When reached for / u - .. for example: learning how to use one piece of material 20 or memorize historical dates - you can be rewarded u / u There should be a great thing, enough candy or meeting friends u careful not to confuse it with the rest of the awards / u. - it is learned over time, regardless of the goals achieved, for example: 1 hour break after 3 hours of learning
u learn, learn / u Remember
.!, you can teach yourself. u not treat science as a punishment / u, it also can find something interesting, worthy of attention. think about how it would Super shine in the society of knowledge, knowing the answers to questions that no one else they can not provide
u Science can be fun -. provided that you appropriately / u.

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