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How to raise a daughter, happy and wise woman

How to raise a daughter, happy and wise woman u every parents dream to make her daughter happy, and intelligent woman

u every parents dream to make her daughter happy, and intelligent woman Here are tips on how to do / U
u From an early age, parents should give her daughter Most importantly .. principles and moral values ​​/ u should teach their empathy and respect for others and sensitivity to human suffering girl to cultivate the need for cultural life - .. worth a regular walk with her to the theater, concert hall and gallery.
u girl should be resourceful / u, so you should teach your daughter, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, sewing -. any activity that might be useful for her in life
u-teen daughter imprisoned not allowed to sit at home / u - to allow the output - cinema, theater, discotheque, meeting friends - and the tours - group outings, concerts, festivals, etc. -.
seafront Parents should be explained what is good and what is wrong / u - Prohibition of anything can lead to opposite results Instead of speaking firmly.! Do not go to a concert, not to smoke, remember, do not drink alcohol, you should still talk about dangers and consequences that can meet your daughter if you: go to the concert, light cigarettes, drink beer forbidden fruit taste the best, so that instead of prohibition, to study the girl control over their lives - we must learn to control it. what is happening around it instead of saying: . not smoke, because it is bad for your health, better from time to time to note that odor from the mouth
In todays world, the chances of survival are people insistent, confident .. seafront Parents should ensure that their daughter has grown more confidence. / u You can not tell the adolescent girl, is not smart enough, smart and beautiful. Any criticism should be immediately replaced by praise for the other thing., and preferably several Instead of saying: Do you go best with math, but it is a good deal with the teaching of foreign languages, etc.
seafront Parents should observe the behavior of daughters / u - If you are sad or bad, you should talk to her / ask what happened entrusting anyone with personal problems do not come easy , so you must be patient if the daughter did not start talking, you might want to start a conversation yourself - say for example .. I see that something is happening and that worries me very much. can tell you how is your day, what happened at work, etc. When a parent before the child is obtained, it may do the same.
seafront Parents should have their own opinion, but it can not be compared to the daughter of overbearing / u the girl must have a feeling that mom and dad are stronger than this, but mainly for their support and when they will need their help -. they will be with her.

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