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Prom superstition and secondary education

. Superstition prom and secondary education u They may believe it or not, but surely fall to know

u them believe it or not, but surely falling to know them superstitions related to the prom and final exams are not new, but no one power is difficult to say definitely should be treated with mild. Grain of salt. / u
b u superstition prom / u / b u
red underwear / u Founded in dance to the prom. kind of talisman for graduation This machine is bring good luck in the exam of maturity, boys and girls, except that:. women have it for themselves, and men do their best to review it with your friends red pants to be worn on the left during the night and irregularities studniówkowego survive high school - then it is assumed that the right side - .. girls, which seems to be very hygienic, in May, can replace garter panties, also red to bring good luck in high school should be established on the side of the heart - the left leg ..
u shoes / u, which appears to be Studniówce buff in one direction during the ball can not be removed, although it would be fun. lasts until dawn is therefore important that the shoes were comfortable Note: Even the smallest network in tights is a signal impending misfortune
u hair / u - it is in them the wisdom of man ... From proms to high schools should not be obcinać There is another theory -. tightened - which says that to avoid shortening the hair whole class of secondary education simply adjust first superstition, it was not by beheading in middle school
u Dance .. / u, which starts at the prom dancing polonaise. In this case, as indicated by the unwritten tradition , to ensure success in high school, dance deliberately confuse one step.
u jumping around the monument / u - abiturienci go get the ball in the most base and obskakują on one leg -. number of rounds to be reflection of the high school grades
b u superstition matura / u / b u Costumes / u studniówkowym carry the ball that brings happiness to the mature
u Books / u is under the pillow during sleep -. night before the exam - will derive its content to the degree of the brain. seems, the most learned man in his sleep.
u Home / u in the ass is very popular superstition, especially among men, seniors. It is easy to run the Enabler and stimulating the mind.
u the maturity test / u you get out of bed in the right leg and cross the threshold in the same room. issues attracting the left hand . On the way to school should be careful to go in distributed hash, and wypatrywania nuns. people in sunglasses and a black cat in the eyes of the chimney sweep, hold button and mijając church - kneel
u no illusions -. nothing assistance, if the only hope for the sentence final exams will be put into effect in red lingerie best and most effective way of getting positive results, the assimilation of the material in a timely manner and such superstitions -. you believe them or not - should be seen as a good time / u.

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