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How to learn a foreign language influences on child development

How to learn a foreign language influences on child development, language learning has a significant impact on child development, so its early enough that parents choose the schooling of their offspring

Learning the language has a very significant impact on child development, so its early enough that parents choose to school their children is supported by numerous arguments u most favorable period for learning falls on the first seven years. / u In this period children much easier to deal with mastering phonological system, the sonority of language. their speech organs are still plastic, so it is easy to assimilate emphasis, correct pronunciation and intonation of a foreign language. This in turn has a positive effect on the listening skills of children used to the sound of language and without effort to understand the teacher speaks English example.
For the seventh year of age as the ear responds differently. absorbs all wavelengths of sound, becomes sensitive to sounds weird. child is able to learn a foreign language in a natural way and without much difficulty, provided they have regular contact with him. After graduating at the age of the speech engine loses elasticity and becomes less absorbent. u If this is the time parents decide to send their children to foreign language lessons, it will not be able to the future to get rid of the original speech accent - Johnson and Newport, cognitive psychology, 1989 -. / u
teaching foreign languages ​​to the arguments of physiological influences on the development of intellectual and psychological. First of all, affect the progress of the mind, memory exercises, and expands the horizons of the child. u is the best time in our strategy to develop a comfort to learn. / u arguments about not receiving their child is hit, because science has in this age of entertainment in the form of games and activities. It requires no special mental effort, is a pleasant experience, which in turn effectively motivate to further learning and provides better results in the future. On Languages ​​in the form of his children, and curiosity about the world, cultural and social awareness.
not to mention the aspects of teaching. Classes are held in groups, found that the social development of their peers. Younger children are able to efficiently assimilate foreign languages, because their behavior is spontaneous. They are not restrained, intimidated, even when they make mistakes. still learning their native language, after all, because the used to explore a new vocabulary and meaning, similar to the case in a foreign language.
Helen Doron Early English is an international network of language schools are present in more than 30 countries. world HDEE teaching centers based on a natural way of learning developed by British linguists -. Helen Doron It is based on 10 consecutive courses, designed for children from 3 months to 14 years of the program allows contact with the English language .. 14 times a week and participate in the general development activities in a small peer group of 250 students learn to 1700 words a year now, there are nearly 180 schools More information can be found at: .. / em

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