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Learning from the best childrens parents

. Learning from the best childrens parents learning a foreign language, even among children, requires continuing consolidation of knowledge

Learning a foreign language, even among children, requires a continuous fusion of knowledge that children need to ingenuity and commitment of parents Here are a few ways to change your daily routine ... BR b science .. It is also fun / b There are many opportunities to improve their language skills at home. To discourage your child, you should use these methods to combine learning with fun. Example can watch your favorite fairy tale without a wild voice. Know That the children, and vocabulary and understanding a foreign language, will also be auscultated with emphasis. Additional support may be English books. We should start from these stories that are already known to the child. so quick to guess what the words might mean. Moreover, the brain better remember things by association A good way of reading the comics in a foreign language, which combines learning new words and their visualization As a result, children - as well .. Visualizers quickly assimilate new words by comparing them to specific situations or images do not. denying that todays literature for children and graphic artwork.
b Can we speak English together ... / b The ability
free use of a foreign language now simply an obligation of investment in extra-curricular activities is essential if we want our child speaks to him smoothly and Ideally free, in addition to the professional teachers in the learning process involved is mom or dad - ... the presence of parents in a language that makes younger children feel safe, they are less intimidated and more likely to participate in activities organized team games and activities -. Participation in teaching is also a good opportunity to learn techniques for the school, enabling parents to better understand the way of teaching.
b way to get bored / b language can also be used in everyday activities . For example, the question we ask our comfort in the English spontaneously. Although at first child this May Be Surprised with the time it is considered as something natural. track itself time and stress controlled language change and ready to start a conversation with us. way to consolidate vocabulary and can be fun, games and activities, including both parents and their children. Older children today can read and write with enthusiasm to repeat newly learned words ... participating in the race. the various items in the house we ponaklejać card with their English names. game is to locate the facility as soon as possible after the end of their names. Language Fun The halls where events are held primarily for students. Often a rustic atmosphere and begins to interfere in the end there is a longing for some peace and privacy; u roommates / u - is associated with a lack of complete freedom. Students living in accommodation often complain: the method of calculation with the owner, the restrictions on calling friends and intrusive behavior of the host. Not every student will raise living under the same roof with the old lady / old man. In general, seniors tend to be annoying - they interfere with the private affairs of the tenants, it happens that the behavior reported by parents; u Student Apartment / u - This is the common name for renting an apartment with several other people. For roommates is best to choose good friends, or friends. The advantage of such cases is to distribute the benefits equally to all tenants. / Ul b
selection criteria for housing / b u Price and Location / u
Price is one of the most important criterion, especially with limited resources, the financial statements. This is talking in favor of living in the home. Coming from a very wealthy family, you can count up to 100 percent relief, which does not incur any expenses. Pretty good solution turns out to hire a regional scheme, together with two or three students - when costs are expensive, a good apartment in the workplace can be cheaper than a roommate, and even sleeping.
Some students prefer to live only from the beginning - the most expensive, but often the only way to appropriately complete their studies. Flat on his own means total comfort, in every respect. To avoid ambiguous situations, you might want to start to find out who owns a home and how often this happens, the total cost of rent, who pays the costs of repair or removal of equipment failure, if the owner agrees to the hospitality / organize events, as neighbors, etc. .
town students typically are located near the university. While living in the accommodation, it is often difficult to access good, let alone a great company - fellow students can be found in most homes.
seafront conditions for learning and entertainment / u Call us for suitable accommodation, you have to wonder what would be better: a lively hostel, or perhaps a quiet roommate. It should answer the following questions: Do we like, and I can learn in conditions that are not always favorable for it? - Frequent events in the home jeopardize the systematic acquisition of knowledge -. Do you feel comfortable in the company of others, or rather prefer solitude? - The new location that you feel good, you can not escape from it -. Can the company say NO - Always keep in mind your personal goal and know when to say STOP -. If you want stability and peace, or crazy surprises and unexpected events?.
u both live in the home, and the matter has its advantages and disadvantages - Much depends on how, as young people approached the topic. Study time duty - no matter where you live, you learn! - A delight - shared cooking, cleaning, and going out -. Can not fully experience it all, live in isolation / u

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