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Violence in schools what is it

Violence in schools

u / u at the school is one of violence at work, this phenomenon is based on harassment, violence, mental and physical child abuse by peers .. The forms of violence may be different, such as: . breakup rumors - including the Internet -, taunt, threaten, sending a vulgar text messages, to print offensive slogans on the blackboard, record movies from humiliating the child, as well as pushing, spitting, kicking, or being bullied is that the pain, fear or physical pain - / U
rarely go out with colleagues / friends, do not ever call them to himself, giving the impression of failure, not interested in school, not like, and even afraid to go to school, crying at night, no nightmares, from morning complaining about his health: headaches, abdominal, etc., has sudden mood changes, asking for money or stealing. / Ul
b How to help victims of violence / b prevention of violence in schools a good contact with the childs parents, pupils, teachers and students with their peers. But most important is the relationship of parents and educators. the main conditions to reduce the incidence of violence to respond to every manifestation of evil, and convincing, and helps control anger aggressors. In the interest of the childs welfare should be checked for any troubling data, eliminate verbal and physical contact victims and perpetrators, follow the directions from the school and clearly assess the condemnation of conduct
If a child indicates that the school is sick, you should talk to him -. Do not underestimate the problem. And he closes in on itself and returns from school depressed, please contact the teacher. If not, you might want to go to a psychologist for advice.
u of bullyingiem can fight in different ways, and the worst punishment Apathy and indifference is nothing but a silent acquiescing to evil, and the penalty is for emergencies -. when adults look longer, the child-aggressor suppress anger, he begins to think about the next attack / u
. How to protect children from assault with peers, you might want to teach them assertiveness, confidence and faith.

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