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How to learn English Birkenbihl V

How to learn English Birkenbihl u V. Method V

u V. Birkenbihl method compared with the natural process to acquire the ability to use this method of language learning, we need not wkuwać grammar rules or words by heart -. All learning takes place in a way. For a friendly and stress / u
V. Birkenbihl b method comprises the following steps: / b u first decode / u
This is based on the work of Dr. Teichmann, who argued that language should be learn through decoding. In the first stage we get the English version, which is a literal translation. Our task at this stage is to read and translate the text in such a way that they know what it is.
u other active listening / u
points based on the idea of ​​V Birkenbihl. makes it easy to quickly memorize vocabulary and grammatical structures. The second stage involves actively listening to cassette recordings of the text, while monitoring the written text. At this stage, we combine the sounds of their meanings.
the third passively listening / u
second inattentive listening, because it can be determined by them. Listening and simultaneously provide something unrelated to science, such as cleaning, learning, etc., we allow the mind to focus on those parts of the text he considers appropriate at this stage, do not avoid listening to the text, nor will we focus on it - listen. with the language as much as possible if you feel tired, it will be a sign that continued listening to the new language provides brain exercises, however, we must not give up keep learning, because fatigue itself will be reduced - .. after listening to our mother tongue do not get tired -.;
u fourth Speech / u
items This item is compatible with the latest recommendations of the curriculum - for taming the strange sounds, we can begin to imitate the fourth and final phase of the method can be Birkenbihl V. speaking, reading or writing in a foreign language. the fact that between these three skills that you choose, it depends on us.

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