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Free software for learning the French language

. Free software for learning French u Here are programs that teach vocabulary, grammar and phrases and expressions adopted in French

u Here are programs that teach vocabulary, grammar and phrases and expressions adopted in French / U
b French words 1.0 / B.
It a program to learn French vocabulary. Online, which is divided into 15-piece sets, there are more than 2000 words. sets are grouped on the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and suggestions and thematic categories.
Learning the French language made to test It is based on a combination of Polish words with one of several French equivalents. You can also create their own sets of flashcards and tests. program also allows you to record irregular verbs.
b Conjugaison / b This program provides data base verb - about 4000 -. including full advantage of a variety of additional applications in the rules are different from verbs Individual words can be selected from the drop down list for later printing .. very useful for learning the French language.
b eFrancuski / b In this program, every Polish word from the set must be assigned its French equivalent. In case of wrong answers, corrections, and the program will indicate the correct answer. progress of science are shown in the statistics of good answers. program can also create your own texts and sets of words. It does not teach grammar.
b LaForge / b
This free program for learning French language is composed of four modules:
123 FR - learn numbers and realize your spelling and Printemps Online - conducted a series of verbs, deux mots - Exercises in translation of words and phrases, Franc PAD - Download and edit the text. / ul
b French verbs / b Through this program You can conjugate French verbs - regular and irregular flawed -. in any manner and time of addition, the program includes descriptions of all time French and their use and creation, together with examples of individual sentences. Just enter the infinitive of the verb, the program drew a sample of the variety, and then flashed on the screen 100 different verb forms in different times and ways
program includes:
variety of verbs, list of all existing French verbs, each verb information, descriptions, times, help in writing the verb / ul
. b EasyLanguage -. French 2.09 / b This program offers thousands of words and sentences, divided in dozens of topics in education all recorded native words, and the importance of each is presented obrazkowo. . program combines all threads in the ready-learning system, learning the French language through a series of tasks of different difficulty Moreover, EasyLanguage -. the French language has a system of recording achievements - .. to monitor your progress and motivating program is a demo available

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