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How and when to tell your boss about the pregnancy?

How and when to tell your boss about the pregnancy, most doctors advise that the awareness of pregnancy, relatives and employers to wait at the start of the fourth month

Most doctors advise that the awareness of pregnancy, relatives and employers to wait at the start of the fourth month Do not wait too long to transfer this message to the boss before or after a job interview, it must be held more when it becomes aware of this ... facts from you, not zasłyszanej corridor gossip.
boss say? I think it works best humorowo horror scenario, for example, you can get the praise or have something positive message. to finish, and then something like I have no boss yet one negative news. Head tense, motionless, his eyes already see how the imagination is released, you podkupia competition, and then with fresh oczętami you can say Im pregnant. At this point, it is fair to say right now that will try to work up 9 months, but would like to point out now because the pregnancy is sometimes different. He said that this month, when you expected date of childbirth. say that after the birth you wanted to parental leave. Try to make an impression on the boss of the person who takes their job very seriously and cares about the welfare of society.
seems to me that if you put a fair question and trying to work as a force, then the job will wait on us. It is also true that bosses are sometimes different, despite the fact that we are serious job.

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