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What right has a working woman in pregnancy and during breastfeeding

What right has a working woman in pregnancy and lactation Pregnancy and maternity staff are associated with many new rights and responsibilities faced by both sides of the employment relationship

Pregnancy and maternity staff are associated with many new rights and responsibilities faced by both sides of employment law is what a woman from pregnancy days pierwszch
u 1 - .. The termination or interruption of work / u Home - If you are employed under a contract of indefinite time, youre protected from the first days of pregnancy
b - If the contract is signed with the employer for a fixed period.
-employer may not withdraw or cancel the contract employment during pregnancy and maternity leave - Rules of Procedure 177 § 1 -,.
-employment contract concluded for a specified time or during a particular job or for a trial period longer than one month, which will be terminated after third month of pregnancy, extended day delivery - Rule 177 § 3 KP -. provided that the provisions of paragraph 3 shall not apply to contracts of employment for a definite order to replace an employee during her absence from work to forgive u 2 - . onerous work in pregnancy / u
eighth part of the Labour Act, relating to workers rights related to parenthood, there is a clause prohibiting employment of women. to work hard or harmful to the health of a list of these projects in the relevant Council of Ministers 10 . September 1996
u 3 -. Changes in the organization of working time / u
List of forbidden for women also contains a list of offenses prohibited for pregnant women or during lactation. employer is therefore obliged to transfer the employee to another position, and if it is not possible, the employee shall at the time of a job. If an employee during pregnancy or during lactation to submit a medical certificate stating medical contraindications to perform the job, the employer is required to adjust working conditions required by the regulations and thereby reduce operating time or eliminate the risk to health or safety of workers
u 4 -. Exemptions from work for medical examination / u
entitled to an exemption from work commissioned by a physician relating to pregnancy, if this study is not possible performed during off hours. In this case, the employee due to absence from work is entitled to compensation
u 5 - Limitation of time .. / u
During pregnancy there are certain restrictions on working hours Above all, the employee is pregnant or care can not be employed in overtime. If the workplace apply to the allocation of time to get in a few days to extend working hours from 8 am pregnant workers performing the reduction, in comparison to other staff time, and downtime due to reduced working time available to pay for them. Another limitation is that pregnant workers may not be employed at night. Therefore, the employer is required to change the work schedule for employees for the duration of pregnancy in such a way that allows it to perform tasks outside of the night time, or in any other how to organize. Pregnant women should not work be carried out the work without the consent of women who are pregnant, you can not employ a system of employee time that a child is entitled to two half-hour break, which is more than one child .. - two breaks of 45 minutes. If employees work time is 4-6 hours a day, is entitled to a break, and when the time is less than 4 hours without a break for the right care. care breaks are included in working time, so that the employee receives compensation for the time .

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