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How to deal with a runny nose in children

How to deal with a runny nose in a childs rig for the removal of a child may be used: 1

rig to remove the child may be used:
1 - and pear - very hard in the hay pulled out, it costs about 7-8 zl, available in pharmacies and shops for children fra. . 2 - Frida - in pretty easily and quickly pulled hay costs about 25-26 zl, consists of a vacuum tube and the tube with the cap placed on the use of wężyku mouth, breathe and remove secretions from the nose of the child. Blood was then żywoczerwona or no pink color. If the bleeding stops, the blood darkens, becomes brown. Sometimes it is mixed with mucus. Bleeding may be short-lived and minor. It also happens that, in terms of numbers as a normal menstruation. Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is a common phenomenon usually occurs every four confirmed pregnancies. It is always the mothers blood, not a fetus. Sometimes the bleeding is mild and resolves spontaneously after a short time.
However, if the bleeding increases and follows the dull ache in the lower abdomen rozpierający or cross, it is called. u begin miscarriage / u.
However, if there is a further intensification of these symptoms and the descent of the fetus or the egg of the cervical canal, already under way u abortion / u.
seafront incomplete abortion, totally inappropriate for / u
abortion is already underway, and the placenta and fetal tissues of the bladder, probably from an embryo, can be found in the canal of the cervix or vagina, there is u incomplete abortion / u - in case of dangerous abortion uterine size corresponds to the development of pregnancy, the cervical canal is open -. Partial abortion tissue is expelled, and part blastocysts, small fragments, or chorion. Abortion remains in arrears within the uterus, causing bleeding, which can take a long time. The uterus then requires curettage, or threatens a woman bleeding or intrauterine infection. This is done under anesthesia.
If all fetuses from embryos were expelled from the uterus, abortion u / u is completely u / u - usually very early, by 7 week -. The uterus is then empty and does not require curettage.
u abortion is missing / u - called a miscarriage or pregnancy stopped dead - one in which the embryo is dead, but the pregnancy continues. Dead fetus in the uterus may remain for several weeks, even months. The uterus stops growing, but his door is firmly closed. Pregnancy test results can be uncertain for several weeks after the death of the fetus. The best way to determine whether the embryo is alive or dead is an ultrasound. In the fifth week of pregnancy you can feel the baby has a heart, in the 12 examined them with headphones. If the doctor finds that pregnancy is dead, it should be removed. The reason for the bleeding may be a partial separation of the placenta or fetal membranes from the uterine wall. Sometimes the death of embryos and, consequently, abortion occurs even with meager and short-term bleeding. A pregnant woman who is bleeding, it should keep the blood expelled from the tissue fragments with a doctor can examine them

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