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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


. Birth in hospital and at home What is the best wife and child?

Giving birth in hospital and at home as a wife and child u u the best Childbirth at home / u / u Pros seafront. / U

u u Childbirth at home / u / u
seafront Advantages: / u Home - delivery is more intimate and personal,
- Your Partner will be able to attend at no cost - in most hospitals in our country, family labor is paid, such as MIA in the hospital, st Wołoska in Warsaw - .. prices from 100 Zl, they Hospital St. Anne, St.. Street in Warsaw - price 400 zł, data from 2006 - ..
-not abide by the rules prevailing in the hospital,
-no need to specify a routine test during a hospital stay - a lot -, home - stay in hospital not provide a better atmosphere and more comfort than he ruled the house,
seafront Cons: / u Home - in case of complications related to getting help with transport to the hospital, and in some cases, time may prove to be crucial, Home - neglect of specialist doctors in the first days after birth, home -. lack skosultowania all their questions in real time with the doctor or midwife
If you want to give birth in the home, consult a doctor. Doctors recommend that pregnant women giving birth for the first time and they are at risk during pregnancy gave birth in hospital.
u u birth hospital / u / u
seafront Advantages: / u Home - have professional help and care of midwives and physician in the event of any complications, Home - after giving birth midwives can help the mother to care for children,
- ability to use anesthesia during childbirth, home - has the right conditions to receive, you can not have a home, home - medical assistance 24 hours a day Cons
seafront. / u
- in some hospitals in Poland, May you feel the lack of privacy during the birth - in the audience get two deliveries are often simultaneously -, Home - lack of privacy and comfort of the rooms after - Room 2-5 are often personal and do not always know who will spend the time -,
If you opt for a hospital, it is worth visiting some of them and see how your room looks like work after childbirth, talk to a midwife, ask other people who have given birth in the hospital, find out the extra cost.

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