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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Formalities for the baptism of a child the Roman Catholic Church

Formalities for the baptism of a child

child baptized should call the parish office in advance - for me at least 3 weeks before the scheduled date of baptism must take into account that in some parishes, baptisms are held only on certain days / hours ... br If you want to your child baptized in another parish from that to a child, before we go to the parish in which the child and to obtain written permission for the baptism in another parish
Before leaving the office, you will need:
data Godparents: name, age and place of residence, birth dzieckaakt wedding - you have to get married in the church - / ul
Godfathers usually must meet the following requirements:
must be older than 16 years - to this rule exists with the consent exception the parish to which they belong - must submit a certificate issued by the parish religion to which they belong, before baptism, they must go to confession and get a signature on paper certifying course confession, the sacrament must be bie┼╝mowania - this rule as stated As the years - .. / ul If the determination of the baptism in the law firm receives four cards that are certified to confession before baptism, the parents and godparents before the Baptism
often, there is an obligation to participate in the conference preparation. for baptism should participate in that both parents and godparents at the meeting, you can learn how to handle baptism -. question of where to stand, who should do what, etc. - but above all it is a reminder of what happens in the sacrament of baptism.
card testifies to confession and Witnesses religious Godfathers usually be obtained immediately before baptism - sanctuary - where he was to appear in the parents and godparents to sign the document Baptism - the entry in the book -.

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