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How to prepare your child for the brothers and sisters

How to prepare your child for siblings of pregnancy can cause many fears and stress your child, if not adequately prepare for it

Your pregnancy can cause many fears and stress your child, if not adequately prepared for it Lists Here are some tips on how to prepare for the upcoming baby brothers and sisters
1 / First, do not talk too much. In early pregnancy. child will be expected to be a new brother or sister will be in a few days. Tell him about the pregnancy when the belly is already very visible.
2 / Try to devote more time than usual to know that I love them. Talk him about his suspicions.
3 / Talk to him about how you were pregnant with him, show him pictures of the ultrasound, tell him how much mom and dad were waiting for him, as dotykałaś belly, as it was played in stomach. You can hang it in the photo room of pregnancy.
4 / visit with small children that are already the idea that his brothers and sisters look like - what will be small and helpless and they can feel safe that nothing bad will it affect children often imagine that his brothers and sisters will be much like
5 / Buy him a baby doll .. Take care of her and each other - come to her for a walk, feed, break the child will see how cool is that younger brothers and sisters, where you can take care of along with his mother
if he was born a little too .. Dzidzia pay attention not to neglect your older child, although it can be difficult. This may lead to the fact that your child will feel jealous and want to hurt the younger.

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