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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


What does it mean that my 1monthold daughter in August bezprzerwy bending

What it means to me is a 1-month-old daughter in August bezprzerwy bending likely to colic, which many babies Mitzvah

. What is the likelihood that many children Mitzvah most common cause of colic is the food eaten by the mother, which can further react badly baby Try to watch what you eat -. Eliminate from your diet citrus fruits, chocolate, tomatoes, beef and other products that cause bloating-type cabbage, beans, cauliflower, etc.
more about how to prevent spikes, see the following advice: u Recommend site / u dl dt How to Deal with Colic in babies / dt dd / dd / dl

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> What does it mean that my 1monthold daughter in August bezprzerwy bending
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