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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Giving birth in water advantages and disadvantages

Giving birth in water

seafront benefits of water birth are: / u
u for women: / u Home - Less pain - Warm water relaxes muscles and reduces pain caused by contraction of the page -. Faster delivery - the uterus opens faster homepage - are less likely to report perineal laceration Home - faster descent into the birth canal head home - perineal muscle relaxation and pelvic Home - less risk of hypoxia in children seafront
child: / u Home - mitigation shock delivery - less impact sound in the water Home - the same temperature as the water in the womb
u water delivery Disadvantages are: / u Home - Home water separation ability stool - water can also cause delays in Home delivery - most hospitals in Poland there are no conditions for receiving a typical water births. In our setting, it is usually included in the bath first and second stage of labor, or just the first stage, a mere act of having a baby to bed maternity ward.

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