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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Baby teeth how to take care of them

Baby teeth

b to 6 months / b
u edentulous arches to clean up / u or gauze soaked baguette beauty infusion of chamomile or sage, once during this period are advised to go u with your child first visit the dentist / u, as the teeth begin to erupt - your doctor will advise you how to proceed then with child; / ul
b 6 -24 months of age / b
This is the period in which the milk teeth appear May prove useful u teether / u -. it should be stored in a refrigerator -, soothing gels seafront pain / u, and antipyretic u / u, should be supervised to ensure that your child is not used in excess u pacifier / u, u not sucked finger / u or the language, because it leads to improper bite , the teeth should be brushed seafront toothpaste without fluoride / u, brushes should be super soft - super soft u / u - should be changed every two months. / ul
b 2-6 years / b
should be discontinued completely u peacemaker; / u Check the condition of the teeth at the dentist, take care of the seafront polishing and sealing teeth / u, u introduce a small amount of toothpaste / u, and we ensure that the child szczotkowaƂo seafront teeth at least three times a day / u: / ul
u! parent should accompany the child brush their teeth ok.8-10 years / u
b From the age of 6 / b
child should brush your teeth u special toothpaste with fluoride for children / u - it is not essential for adult toothpaste, because it can lead to an overdose of fluoride -, a toothbrush can be changed to a soft u / u or medium hardness u / u, familiar u flush / u, children of school age, changes in the teeth, because at that time we should see a dentist regularly - u visits every 3 months / u -; u also go to the orthodontist / u to In the period after the appearance of permanent teeth is best for the correction of anomalies; / ul
b proper diet / b
When we talk about how to care for your teeth, we can not forget Besides proper diet, it should be low in sweets u / u, we must remember that this is mainly involved.
fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetable oil, butter, still water. / ul

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