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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Childrens pocket money how much and when you start giving pocket money?

Pocket money for kids

comes a time when your child wants or u should get pocket money / u That is, when and how much money you give your child depends on parents decisions, but also the childs readiness

.. Since u give pocket money / u
Some parents believe that the right moment comes at the beginning of seven years of the school year. School, in which they operate kiosks and shops to tempt kids juice, cookies, chips. child has the opportunity to learn how to manage your budget, autonomy in decision making and cost savings. It is important to first give your child pocket wallet or piggy bank.
seafront How much spending money should be a child? / u
depends not only on age and needs of the child, but also the wealth of the parents. Even the smallest amount of children bring joy and satisfaction of owning your own pieniążków. Depending on the childs interests, hobbies or sports practiced by increasing requirements. Thus, the childs age should increase the amount of pocket money
u How often do you give pocket money / u
depending on age.
little child should receive more or less amounts, for example: once a week, older children once or twice a month, more money, teens can get a much higher amount For example, every few months - it will be a test of how the child manages the money, or it can be wisely and responsibly, which is economical and extravagant -. / ul
u and how they give pocket money / u First of all
regularly - best to set a date easy to remember a child - for example, the first day of the week or month -
should establish clear rules for who pays child - if its his money, let them pay for their whims - more sweets, a trendy gadget that we will not pay - .. always pay their parents a
not endanger the child allowed to suspend their pockets as a result of misconduct or poor performance in science it can do so in exceptional circumstances, eg when a child spending money on cigarettes. or alcohol.
If a child has younger siblings, which also requires its own money, you should explain when it will receive the first pocket and use the example of an older child. should act consistently and equally to all children.

If a child much earlier, and the money will be requested from us an additional amount - do not yield to entreaties, otherwise you will not learn to save an excuse for a child can only be a wise expenditure related to the purchase, which was a thing is really needed ..

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