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How to teach your child to read

How to teach your child to read one of the main tasks associated with raising a child learns to read

One of the main tasks associated with raising a child learns to read the answer to these challenges takes time and patience guardian
u To encourage the child must learn to read. / U
in Here are some tips for parents: / u 1
Take your time - books to read slowly, take a break and hang further emphasize the mood for a story;
2 Smoove voice - changing the way when you read each of the characters tells a different For example, mouse squeaky voice This is sure to attract attention to a child,.
3 Speak clearly - do not have to be the master of the dictionary, but try to pronounce each word carefully and do not eat the ends maluszkowi It will be easier to learn new words,
4 show the child pictures - .. a good look at them a story with what you see on each image,
5 fun - if a child does not know the story, encourage them to read the joint can be repeated each word after you have started or completed . your mind. Kids love the game, sixth
Buy Plastic Letters - through visual and tactile sensations more quickly assimilate knowledge of child Ask your child to try to arrange them in simple words;
seventh memory practice., - encourage your child to have mentioned his famous words that begin with different letters in the alphabet,
eighth Think positive - when a child sees that you, having fun, it will be more interested in science;
important for learning to read is the positive attitude of parents, time and willingness to sacrifice their children to do.

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