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Sex in pregnancy

. Sex During Pregnancy Prospective parents often refrain from sex because of fear for the safety of the child in the womb

Prospective parents often refrain from sex because of fear for the safety of the unborn child, however, it is known that the lack of any medical contraindications may derive pleasure from sexual intercourse during almost the entire period of pregnancy
about sex, not only during pregnancy, the individual has any relation. First of all, it should result from the expectations and understanding of both partners, and therefore critical to an honest conversation between them.
most gynecologists believe that sex during pregnancy is safe and even recommended . Through the provision of reproductive hormones in the body and oxygen, increases blood flow and accompanying physical relationship has a positive effect on the condition of the muscles and cardiovascular system.
If the pregnancy is going well, sex should not affect the status of the fetus, because the child is protected by uterus, bladder, and fetal amniotic fluid.
women growing belly can cause aversion to sex. lot depends on her mood during pregnancy, for example, increased sleepiness, fatigue, recurrent vomiting, irritability, breast pain are not suitable for sexual intercourse. second The reason may be the appearance of women, because of her condition she feels unattractive in the eyes of partners, and thus tries to avoid physical contact.
But for other women, pregnancy is a period of greatest sexual irritability and relationships.
in a similar situation can find a man. For him, sex with pregnant women may be the fear of injury to the child or partner. It is important that during this period, the man showed the woman a lot of interest through the kind words touching or hugging -. sex is important for both partners, but other than that it are many others who have shown mutual gestures of love and attention that pregnant women will add confidence
Not without significance is the issue of sexual positions, they should be comfortable for both partners and safe for normal development of pregnancy. sex during pregnancy has been cautious man should not constrict the abdomen during sex, or female breasts, you should also stop nearly six weeks before the planned solutions. Maintaining relationships in the last weeks of pregnancy can hasten delivery or cause infection
there are certain contraindications that reduce or completely do not allow enjoy sex during pregnancy
seafront Contraindications to have sex during pregnancy / u include ..
often spotting and bleeding risk of early pregnancy, threatened abortion various infections and reproductive tract infections improperly positioned placenta / ul
most important health care is pregnant doctor, but it will eliminate all doubts. else is making both partners, their mutual desire and requirements.

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