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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


What to do when the brothers and sisters are in conflict and the house?

What to do when siblings argue and beating u If you have more than one child, it is certainly not after witnessing quarrels and fights between brothers and sisters?

u If you have more than one child, it is certainly not after witnessing an argument or fight between siblings How to respond to similar situations in the future as they rarely or not at all / u . br
u Aggressive behavior among children / u usually has a deeper base often, what you might not know -. as a source of adult children are very good and careful observers are able to quickly assimilate Judge I. - in their own way - a situation .. Therefore, any dispute between the parents, whose children are witness to will have its consequences such as parents will take into account that it can behave like that and there is nothing wrong with that if mom and dad could. / me.
First of all, a lot of talking with your children. Ask, listen to your child and help him solve the problem, or point the way to its resolution. always listen to the arguments of both sides in the conflict, and in no case become the one-child . Please explain what is right and wrong, why mom and dad say from time to time. We believe that parents should also impose a word in front of children and try to control the bad emotions.
brothers and sisters must be treated equally, you can not favor one child , and repeated statements like: .? mess again. its your fault? See what a good girl is your sister, do not you In this way, What needs to pay particular attention to the purchased model with superior aesthetics, comfort and health properties simultaneously
u Here are a few rules for proper footwear: / u u
Purpose Lighters: / u
u learning walk / u are the best shoes with leather uppers reaching above the ankle. It should also be equipped with non-slip soles and heels. These shoes give your child the correct position of the feet, so that every step will be easier to overcome. u shoes / u First of all it should be stable, based on a flexible outsole and fastened with strong velcro. A child should not do barefoot through the house, because it is hard not conducive to the orderly development of childhood. u Run / u is the best to buy shoes with non-slip soles and strong heels. The most suitable light or Adidas sneakers, in which the foot is firmly seated. u summer / u favors wearing a light and airy shoes, sandals, must be a good fit on your feet and have a secure attachment. u rain and snow / u is suitable for thick and warm shoes protect the feet from getting wet and freeze. It should be made of breathable materials, which provide a waterproof and prevent excessive sweating feet u beach and pool / u will be inserted into the corresponding flip-flops, unless the child is just learning to walk - then it is worth to buy a full rubber shoes designed mostly swimming. / Ul seafront
functions and features of footwear: / u
u Matching means such that: / u
is too small, not too large, the best inner liner which is more than 1 cm length of the foot - important, but not to oppress their feet - is equipped with a top, which provides stable placement rates and ease the movement has a strong anti zapiętki przekoślawianiu feet - strong laces or Velcro - / ul seafront
convenient and safe way so that: / u
and is equipped with a flexible non-slip sole, allowing the free bend and move his fingers. the light and therefore can not be charged interest at every step of the child. sets the wide heels no more than 1.5 cm - higher may affect the poor growth and deformation of small feet -. / Ul Healthy u
ie such that: / u
is made from natural materials and compulsory upper leather wallet. / Ul u
trying on shoes / u maluszkowi best to check the position of the foot fingers. If you want to provide comfort to small feet, shoes should have a gentle finger play
u older child / u -. At school - we can not afford to own a range of models and colors of shoes. Then, wearing shoes for a child will be a lot easier. Also, when trying on shoes baby should move a few steps alone store will be able to assess whether the shoe fits the foot well and comfortable.

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