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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


How to recognize that labor is approaching when I go to the hospital?

To recognize that the work is approaching when I go to the hospital u expecting a child who will soon appear on worldwide If so, you should know what are the most common symptoms are accompanied by an oncoming porodowi?

u Expect a child who will soon appear on worldwide If so, you should know what are the most common symptoms are accompanied by an oncoming porodowi / u
sign of impending labor are contractions. The former usually painless, irregular and appear roughly every 10 minutes. closer to a solution that contractions are stronger and longer. If there about every 5 minutes, a sign that you should contact your doctor, midwife or be on your way to the hospital.
ways to see if it actually began work. Specifically, lay down and watch the situation. If the cramps continue to worsen despite more and more, then maybe the upcoming birth. Another way of walking, which stimulates and strengthens contractions. method that allows to judge the upcoming birth of check the degree of enlargement of the cervix, the doctor makes.
before birth or during labor decreases, because the babys head descends into the birth canal.
During pregnancy the cervix protects mucous plug - jelly-like mucus - which falls a few days or hours Shortly before birth
go before the birth of amniotic fluid -. it should be a clear liquid oozing flow if the color is greenish - immediately contact your doctor - water broke, of course, need not go that started the work, and sometimes they have pierced only for the birth center table
Other symptoms may include:. feeling hot. headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety or abdominal pain, diarrhea, pain that comes from the cross on her lower abdomen, vomiting, and strong pressure on the bladder.
If you notice signs of a much earlier, ie before 37 weeks and ndash, contact your doctor or quickly go to the hospital immediately, probably began with a premature birth.

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