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How not to raise mamisynka

How not to raise mamisynka love Every mother wants the best for his son

love Every mother wants the best for his son, but often exaggerated care, health education and the desire is transformed into the ideal of possessive love, resulting Sissy
u How would a mother do to increase .. son independent, responsible and worthy man / u
first mother should not be overly spoiled son, a man should know their responsibilities and help in daily household activities. Addiction son from each other can have negative consequences in the future, relating to : mother-son - if he decides to liberate from there - and partner-son - if it remained under the protection we are -
second mother should not worry too much about his son .. Yes, your child must spend considerable time and attention, but you can not treat it like the proverbial egg is very difficult to protect yourself -. especially today - feel pain or sadness, but even a bad and unpleasant experiences are needed to man - to warn and teach him to draw conclusions for the future. Only in this way, the son learns to cope with failures and face new challenges without fear and worries.
three mother should always control his son. He selects a group of friends and sympathy. Of course, we should be interested to meet his son and May want to know your colleagues, and optionally serve with good advice. can also try to dissuade his son from bad company, when in fact necessary. 4
mother should ideally seek to educate. Usually, the realization of a vision based on the nasty comments and painful observations, which in turn have an impact on reducing self-esteem and lack confidence. You have to remember that everyone is entitled to mistakes. But even then you need to support and encourage the child further, independent action. 5
mother should take her son their own decisions. You can not direct the lives of other people, I can only guess how to fix things or solve problems. Do not impose your sons opinion and attitudes. From childhood to learn self-confidence and make decisions.
sixth mother should show moderation in their feelings. and sharp criticism of possessive love and can negatively affect the emotional development of her son. at the right time to cut the umbilical cord and let her son go his own way in the side of another woman.
seventh son of a mother should be allowed, even encouraged, maintain a good relationship with his father, who, after a young body. for proper development of children need both male and female ideals. One thing is certain, however - the Sons love for his mother is one of a kind, and even fascinated by the relationship between the father does not disturb that feeling
eighth mother should think about yourself and your relationship with your partner / husband if his own unhappy love life, then .. son can follow his rules, and giving him more freedom. However, in the case of unstable and unfulfilled relationships, mother Moving his feelings for his son, becomes the same person.
ninth possessive mother needs to find an additional job or develop a passion, a hobby. In addition to being a woman and loving mother, especially, should look into other aspects of life. There are so many exciting areas science, sports and entertainment, so he and his son at one time from one another sigh.

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