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Aggressiveness in children how to deal with it and what are the reasons?

Aggressiveness in children

Children themselves can not cope with difficult emotions and sudden wave of anger that makes them cry, scream, stamping feet, mouth, beating others or using foul language So, parents should teach their children how to effectively subdue and master in the press . furious attack
u What causes anger in children / u In
youngest children, -. to 3 years -. frustration can be caused by an excess of stimuli a child can be really angry at everything and everyone, but most The reason is to prevent it is to do something that was just like, for example. walk on the wall, lifting various items from the country home - stones, sticks, etc. -
preschool and early school - 4-9 years -. trying to find among their peers compete with each other, but also want to have friends when little kids that other people can do something better or faster than he can .. Malec destroying toys, catch and win a colleague, or just the opposite may be quiet, just a free home
Older children -. 10-17 years -. be upset excess of school and household duties permit I do not want their peers to stand out from others.
u Responding to an angry child? / u
Regardless of the age to be his point at the same time provide firm but calm voice. not allowed in no way to yell at the kids. It is a sign of aggression from the parents, the first person with whom the child will take an example .
youngest child can take in your hands, hug and pokołysać in her arms. Such gestures to appease youngsters, or even raise. in him a sense of joy and smiles of children two or three years should be explained to the kicking and beating the other person is very bad and It really hurts to say that the hands and feet pamper yourself go and dig the ball -. not the parents and siblings -.
4-9 year olds should wait. tantrum, throw on your feet under pressure will pass if the child does not notice any reaction from parents. Sometimes, pretending not to hear something, or did not see much help. When a child after a while to calm down, it should refrain from malicious comments. After the incident, you can ask the child about the reasons for anger and think about the decision. good idea to alleviate the situation is to read or tell stories about how the characters are angry for different reasons, but was finally able to deal with anger, no yelling, swearing and beating
As for the elderly children -. very important to talk the child must be sure that the parent is the person you can always get to them .. problem is a difficult matter and can not judge a child, for example, say that is lazy - for example if you do not clean up his room - or ignorance - if you happen to get poorer grades in school -. No less important is hearing is what the child has to say.
u Dealing with anger children / u
anger in young children can be addressed through the game. must provide the child with adequate space and equipment, so they will be able to give vent to their energy. In the apartment you can prepare a special corner with pillows, in which the child will be able to fight with fists, box plasticine as a tool for kneading and squeezing or more inflated balloons to throw.
With a little bit older child, you should talk about what he was upset. Let your child with his anger at the paper and draw a reason for his anger. Parents must clearly explain what the child can not do. limit may be pounding their fists on the pillow, but it is forbidden to beating people.
Children aged 10-17 years should be aware of what behaviors can afford. You must specify certain principles and draw the necessary consequences of poor behaviors.
good exercise for taming anger was a child proposes to do some exercises, such as the count of 20 to 1, repeat several times to say: Im bad, but in peace, to write on a piece of thoughts that come to mind at the time of the attack of rage and throwing cards in the trash if the child in this age of many ways to curse when they are angry, you should create a directory
foul limit, that is, those whose child will be able to -. at the end - for use in event of an attack of rage, for example, tap water or psia bones -. swearing and vulgarity that can hurt someone they are strongly prohibited
It is important that the child was a good example of home children imitate the behavior of parents and learn very quickly So, remember that every profanity uttered .. parent or the use of aggression against a child it will translate to the childs aggressive behavior compared to peers, parents and other people.
Parents should teach children that they want to receive all must precede the application is not a request or application physical force. For in this way, certainly not achieve anything good.
Keep in mind that children need space to play and movement. In addition, each child must receive the same portion of parental love and attention. year must be with the child to talk about their feelings, to explain the behavior are positive and which are indecent and wounding others, and require compliance with certain rules. little discipline never hurt anyone.

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