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All about in vitro fertilization

. All of the in vitro fertilization u In vitro / u

u In vitro / u - bypass, with the help of medical - is a method of combining the egg and sperm in a laboratory, outside the female reproductive system is used when other methods of assisted reproduction is not made. Expected results. In Poland no refund is in vitro fertilization. total cost of IVF at a private clinic can take up to 10 000. zl.
embryos obtained in vitro fertilization were placed in the uterus, and when it comes to nesting, there is a pregnancy .. which should continue in a natural way, depending on the age of women was the case in about 30 percent of cases, but the chances of giving birth are more than 20% in case of an IVF attempt
seafront stages of in vitro fertilization.: / u
first hormonal stimulation - stimulation of ovulation -.
owulacyjnym In the natural cycle in the ovary to produce a follicle, which contains the egg task is called growth hormone stimulation of hair follicles in the ovaries, so that the increased chance of becoming. Pregnant For this purpose, a woman from the first day of the cycle should take the appropriate medication by injection daily for 10 days during the visit will also need to be tested. in serum estradiol levels and ultrasound
2. Download the cells the eggs - ovarian drilling -
This phase is a short procedure consists the ovary with a needle piercing the vaginal Vault - ultrasound - or download the contents of each hair -. liquid and egg operation is performed under general anesthesia, a woman should be ready .. ovarian drilling, which will be fasting without food or drink for at least 6 hours after several hours after the surgery can go home - but she can not drive cars for the next 24 hours
When a woman has undergone treatment, a partner in this. same time should give seed to the tube, after a period of abstinence - a minimum of 3 days -.
Step 3 Laboratory
As the name suggests are laboratory activities, including preparation of the best sperm and transfer them to a separate medium. Those who have any abnormality are discarded Fertilization takes place in an incubator at a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius durable, CO2 content -. 5 percent, and the moisture
4 embryo transfer into the uterus -. embryo -
second or third day. after collection of eggs after transfer of embryos into the uterus is usually transmitted by one or two embryos - the rest is frozen woman it is expected that the endoscope is inserted through a separate, thin catheter and thus gives the best sperm directly into the womb of this procedure is performed .. A full bladder - ultrasound - is completely painless, which is why it is performed without anesthesia, as well as to the effectiveness of this treatment, It is estimated that about 15%, but the safety associated with its implementation may be repeated many times.
seafront. indications to perform IVF: / u
tubal occlusion or previous removal of hormonal changes during menstrual cycle ovarian disorders - the example, too rapid transition into menopause - endometriosis egg donation reduces the quality of male sperm unable to determine the cause, because women can not get pregnant for a long time before failure of infertility treatments / ul
u age group of women zapładnianych in vitro and the percentage of successful delivery is as following: / u
to 35 years of age - about 29% successful delivery
from 36-37 years of age - about 26%
from 38 to 39 years - about 17
% From 40-42 years of age - about 11%
from 43-44 years of age - about 5%
over 44 years of age - about 1%
seafront IVF / u should not be work in women over 41 years because it was then greatly reduce the chance of birth and the growing risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth. In all women, no treatment in vitro can be different. It is assumed that the most appropriate number from 3 to 6 treatments
According to some scientific research increases the occurrence of birth defects in children born from in vitro fertilization, these studies indicate the increasing occurrence of various types of congenital malformations in these children, including ..: Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome - an increase of 0.0028 percent to 0.025 percent in the general population - .. In addition, children from in vitro had a statistically lower birth weight compared with other children
However, there are studies that indicate the physical and mental development of children conceived in vitro.
u Complications / u
during hormonal treatment prior to IVF can develop into a womans ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. They can then form cysts and ovarian cancer, infection or bleeding as a result of treatment
As far as complications in women during pregnancy -. the risk twin pregnancy and plural It is associated with setting up two or more embryos during the transfer into the uterus, and thus restricted in some states. number of transferred embryos to two.
risk of miscarriage after IVF can be, according some scientific sources increased by about 25 percent compared to fertilize naturally.

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