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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


How to choose the right nanny

How to select the right decisions about hiring a nanny or babysitting u / u should be well thought out and choosing the right nanny u / u preceding the interview

Hiring decisions u childcare / u should be well thought out and choosing the right nanny seafront / u preceding the interview if you do not want to use recruitment agencies offer caregivers, we need to deal with employment and interview candidates.
b Recruitment and interview / b to find the right nanny can put an advertisement in the newspapers, the Internet, search the ads that appear here, or at least send a notice near your home. After What is the first phone contact and arrange a personal meeting with the selected candidates.
interview with the prospective nanny should be done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This, however, remember that not only employ have the right to ask questions - people employed should also be able to gather interesting information about the proposed job
CV reading individual candidates can be pre-informed about their education, experience and qualifications, so you should ask. only on this information, which suggest doubt or to ensure the integrity and suitability for future nanny , in addition to your CV you should ask them to provide recommendations from previous jobs -. as it is, of course, child care -. If there is one candidate, we find out what it was. his past performance in previous family, and the reason for the termination of cooperation
questions should be open form -. it should be formulated so that the answers provided by candidates are not just limited to statements that or not
Even during the interview can be seen that:
candidates communicative and has a pleasant tone of voice is warm and it was clean and neat and draws attention to the child - for example, has asked for his name, in conversation with him or was smiling and positive attitude towards people or. too dark and mysterious / ul
One of the most important phase of the recruitment process is to provide working conditions that is. rate and method of payment - should depend on experience and beliefs, working time and leisure, benefits, obligations
Its easy to say what is expected of her. this act shall be limited to the supervision of the child / children or obligation will be, for example, learning support, receiving a child from school or preparing baby food. future nanny needs to know the conditions at the beginning and the rules that govern the home
b issues to be heard nanny came during an interview: / b
What are your experiences in children - even if they have their own children. - At what age are children, who care about you so far As the day with the child, which are occupied by How to resolve conflicts between brothers and sisters you have completed first aid course for children Do you smoke cigarettes you? dispositional person? What would you do if your child has started to choke Do you have artistic talent or music / ul
If the child is older you can ask them for their opinion. For it will spend most time with their caregivers, so you must bear in mind the taste, or have any questions.

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