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How to prepare children for First Holy Communion

How to prepare your child for First Communion is a very important moment in the life of every child is to join the seafront First Holy Communion / u

extremely important moment in the life of every child is to join the seafront First Holy Communion / u some parishes have a few months before the ceremony to develop a plan to prepare children for the sacrament, so that actually participated in it .. Since Holy Communion is not just a party, guests and gifts, this is primarily a spiritual dimension.
Parents should explain to children from an early sense of going to church and participate in the Masses. According to church law children must join u First Holy Communion / u with the full understanding and awareness, and therefore in the parishes for weeks or even months before the ceremony held to try to communion, to check childrens religious consciousness, repeating prayers and various activities that will be done that day. Even then, children are in the correct places, learned the songs they sing the priest explains the meaning of each part of the Eucharist. It is important not to leave these meetings and participate in them with your child.
In the days after the ceremony procesjonalne introduction to the Church, and actively participate in the liturgy, not only children but also their parents. In addition to reading the poems celebrate an important part of bringing gifts to the altar and folding thanks.
u First Holy Communion / u is the first. confession and cleansing from sin Its a very stressful for the child during the time that must honestly confess their sins and the sins, and thus more important to prepare early and try to confession. meet the priest and the confessional
u child joined the first Holy Communion / u should have a degree of religious knowledge learned in catechism class, and more, it is essential that the facts are not learned by heart for communion ceremonies. should explain to the child as the seriousness of the ceremony and what it means for us? people - people If your child will feel that we are very engaged and live together with him was an important event, it will be easier for him to understand the sense of participation in church life and faith in God
you can buy such as the Small Catechism or the Bible for each child. Day - .. read together and educate children with the principles of our faith, the importance of the Ten Commandments and the five commandments of the Church and makes sense to be a Christian The technical literature can also be a great gift Communion
child, especially at this age are receptive and open to everything relating to faith . Every conversation with a parent and I want to say about what I learned in catechism class it provides a lot of joy. why you have to spend a lot of attention and do not spend this time, otherwise the child will grow into a man away from the faith and the Church.

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