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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


How to prepare for pregnancy

How to prepare for pregnancy u Preparing for pregnancy / u are as important as the course

u Preparing for pregnancy / u are as important as the course
First, women need to go to the doctor who will assess your condition and directs the necessary tests.
Usg gynecologic cytology Blood cancer blood pressure test Vaccination against hepatitis B and rubella tests that detect antibodies against toxoplasmosis / ul
Mr. suffer from chronic diseases, epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes, asthma or kidney disease should tell their doctor about the plans for pregnancy. u Stop medication / u or change the dose may reduce the risk of developing fetuses. no drugs or in the form of vitamin
can not be accepted without prior consultation with If you have not heard this question from your child, you are sure it will happen soon. To avoid inconvenience to himself, should be prepared on the subject - u useful encyclopedia of human anatomy / u -. The situation is so much easier if we have the strange nature of 3-4 years. Unfortunately, the older child may not come so easily for us.
seafront conversations with children about issues of sex is probably the hardest, because the earlier a child asks us a question, the better. / U
youngest children enough to say that the child is the fruit of love Mum and Dad. We must explain to the child, the baby comes from the seeds, giving mom and dad to wear them again in the abdomen for several months. When a child is so big and strong, my mom puts them in the world.
If your child questions about further details, we should say that enough, and learned how to be mature, they will return to the conversation.
u This formula is certainly not satisfy the curiosity of older children, who need to use technical terms and explain what was really the birth. / U
school-age child is able to understand that the babies have come from the stomach, but still want to know how he got there.
so that nothing remains but to say directly about the case, ie that the baby is born, we have two loving people and that women and men. When you are very close together - sex - Man with a penis introduces sperm into the womans body. When the seed of man associated with the egg embryo created by a woman, a child develops from the time of fertilization until birth pregnancies has found that a woman takes nine months -. It may be mentioned that in some cases a child may come into the world earlier, due to various reasons -.
is also important that we respond that not every close-up in the body of a man and a woman ends the pregnancy and childbirth.
u If a child asks us a question, where children should not / u
primarily u laugh at the childs / u - could you think he said something stupid and that he sorry -; u false / u, saying that the kids come from cabbage or stork brings them, pretend not to hear about what the child asks, u avoid the topic for an indefinite time / u, or Repeat: You will learn in school, are too small for such a call, etc. / ul
, we can also start your own topic, eg while watching television when it comes to falling sex / em, em pregnancy / em or birth / em and talk to your child about sexual relations between people.

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