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Ideas for Childrens Day

. Ideas for Childrens Day June 1 u / u all the seafront children / u u celebrate the feast / u, and we plan on the day, so it is different from other days year

u June 1 / u all the seafront children / u u celebrate the feast / u, and we plan the day so that was different from other days. In the year 2011, this special day is Wednesday, which means that not everyone can afford a full-day celebration, however, whether we stay at home, going to work or to attend to urgent business in the city. -. although we only need to spend a day with your child
Here is a proposal to spend Childrens Day.
seafront Start date / u
prepare a delicious breakfast and give the baby to sleep baby face will surely delight finally, if he will see a tray of laughter in his sandwich - for example working with eyes and mouth slices of radish with chives -. or heart-shaped slices of toast
u flatter me and gifts / u
can buy a greeting card on childrens day, or Prepare yourself trying to flatter me with, for example, colored paper or cardboard. We put a song about how much we love our child, and why we wanted to spend time with him. In addition to songs, you can paste the picture of the childs parents or color images. often just. These smallest and simplest gifts are treated as children of the greatest treasures that are kept when it comes to gifts, of course, everything depends on the richness of our portfolio - if you can afford, you might want to fulfill childhood dreams
u Having fun . / u
flat / house - including:. Board games, treasure hunt, for example, favorite mascot, home theater, etc. -
outdoors: before block / in the garden - including: a playground, ball games, kite flying , camping in a tent, etc. -
u Pool or Zoo / u
If your child likes water, and are happy to spend time in the pool, you can go there is great fun for the child will be a joint party with her parents in the water in the larger cities do Aquaparks offered a lot of attractions, including: .. rowing basin for children with water toys, a little older recreational pool with slides and waterfalls, and for parents tubs and saunas contributions. Everyone will find something for everyone.
kids love animals, we suggest a trip to the zoo. Gardens are trying to attract more visitors, organizing various activities. children, except to admire the exotic and extraordinary animal species, may play a playground, watch the themed exhibitions, and even take part in competitions organized by the zoo.
u or Bajkoland Amusement Park / u
great fun for the child will take him to an amusement park, dinosaur park or Bajkolandu. These latter act in every city and offer plenty of attractions for children and older children. If you want the child to an amusement park to visit a mine of knowledge on the internet and search for information, on May well be June 1 Amusement Park will come. only our city / town in Poland there are also many parks Dinosaurs - if we are going to celebrate with their child during the day, you May want to consider such a proposal
u movie or museum / u
Kinomaniacy. output will be delighted with his parents to the movies, especially if the fairy tale - or movie -. that he or She really wanted to see you forget to select only those proposals that do not have a negative behavior, such as violence, pain or fear This day is to be happy., so the story can be as important to see and feel it with your child, June 1 popcorn and Cola - ... allowed
children whose main attraction is a visit to the museum and it is also a good idea .. Childrens Day, especially since the choice is really great, depending on the childs interests and tastes, you can take with him such as . Historical Museum, Technical Museum, Military Museum, biographical, Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Natural History
U Cycling Tour / u
movement and fresh air for the whole family in the set -. perfect idea to spend a Baby So the day, if weather permits, we got on our bikes and hit the road in the youngest children are most suitable for the performance of special trailers. where you can sleep more. Older children are riding tandem with his parents or on their bikes. On the long road we have frequent stops the rest, but to drink or eat something. cycling summer should bring hats, sunglasses and prepare for insect bites and slices.
u Picnic / u
If weather permits, we go on trips with their the child. We goodies baskets, blankets, summer hats and caps, or spread on the forest glade, meadow or the park - if you can -. course, do not forget about the things that will make the time and provide great entertainment - playing cards, football, badminton , binoculars, camera, etc. -.
u Adoption / u
attractive to the child, but, unfortunately, a rather expensive form of Childrens Day spending to arrange the adoption of this will seem like such a case depends primarily on our imagination -. it could be an example of a costume party, a kingdom in which the child is the King / Queen of subjects and guests, the farm where the child is a farmer and animal guests. June 1 The whole world should revolve around the child must feel that it is most important.
To be even more fun, you can invite children from the adjacent staircase or from nearby houses. It is called. Kinderparty calling kids from the area. It is a good opportunity to get acquainted with other children and make new friends. If you have neither the time nor the the idea to organize such parties, you should hire a company that deals with this kind of project - you can browse the internet - ..
u Fireplace / u
impressions after a day of rest, preferably fire Bake potatoes , sausages and kebabs, but also a great time as well as singing songs, along with a child or telling a fictional story
przyszykujemy all the attractions of the day a child must be tailored to the age, interests and abilities of our children, of course, important gifts and other surprises but. people is most important that we - the parents - the presence and participation in all games.

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