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How to get back into shape after childbirth

How to get back into shape after giving birth looking to shake off the extra pounds after giving birth and returning to their former figure highly mobilized and post-natal period is an ideal time to start practice

desire to shake off the extra pounds after delivery and return to their former figure highly mobilized and post-natal period is an ideal time to start exercising
u There are many types of physical activities Young people have a choice: / u ..
relaxes muscles and increases strength, improves joint mobility, improves the functioning of the circulatory system and respiratory system, and is used to create the habit of keeping good posture. / ul
quickly increases metabolism to burn fat, increase immunity. / ul
Pilates stretches tight muscles, stretching tight muscles stretched and teaches proper breathing can relax mentally. / ul
method Alexandra
increases immunity, increases muscle strength and teaches mental relaxation, relieves tension, learn to recognize and correct posture, improves physical coordination. / ul
Yoga relaxes muscles, improves range of motion in the joints, increases immunity and the body learns to relax mentally , increased physical coordination, regulates vascular and respiratory system. / ul
Tai Chi teaches
control your body and mind, increases muscle strength, improves immunity, relieves natural energy, relaxes tense muscles, strengthens the cardiovascular system / ul
first simple exercises you can do now on the second day after birth and for caesarean section - .. a week later, however, noted that many of the muscle is weakened after childbirth and too exhaustive exercise can lead to bleeding and even urinary incontinence in the future. / em
That should take care about the state of the pelvic floor muscles and perform Kegel exercises seafront / u, which consists of tightening the muscles of the vagina, urethra, and anus as that you want to stop wetting These exercises can be performed standing, or lying in the bath - .. preferably after 5-10 seconds several times a day if the groin was sore and bleeding, stop the exercise and return to. them after a while
em the third week after birth is a good time to start the inexhaustible stomach / em - can it be a traditional sit-up seafront / u, bikes, clippers or simply tightening stomach muscles .. while exhaling air
Usually after 6 weeks of childbirth, a womans body returns to pre-pregnant state allows you to run more training -. course at the beginning of what is required to be in moderation / em . br very good way to get rid of extra pounds after pregnancy u swimming / u This is very useful because it forces it to operate almost all the muscles at the pool, you can sign up after about 4-6 weeks after birth -. .. only when perineal wound after Caesarean section, or abated addition to swimming to do some exercise in the water, such as walking, swinging arms and legs there is nothing in the way to the pool to the child - the mutual benefit and satisfaction guaranteed. Lots of fitness centers offer courses prepared for very young mothers and newborn children . Classes usually consist of a general development training with elements of Pilates u / u, and were developed so that the mother can practice in front of children or SS him. common, an additional point of course is to massage the child psychomotor development support. training should bring towel, comfortable athletic attire and proper shoes and water. It is important to exercise during and after their completion to replace fluids.
success in the body may only exercise regularly, and not their intensity, so better to practice a short 10-15 minutes -. but every day

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