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Gestational diabetes what is it?

Gestational diabetes

u Gestational Diabetes - what is it / U
Gestational diabetes is an endocrine disorder caused by the body during pregnancy usually disappears after childbirth, but may return in the future?. Or increase the risk of developing diabetes type 2 diabetes in pregnancy is dangerous not only for the mother, but her unborn child - high blood sugar can lead to miscarriage or fetal malformation to
u. . impaired glucose tolerance are associated with changes in metabolism and influence of hormones secreted by the placenta changes include: / u
lowering fasting glucose, postprandial glucose increase, worsening the distribution of body fat, increase tissue resistance to insulin, and excess B-cells of the pancreas produce insulin. / ul
u diagnosis of gestational diabetes / u
preliminary determination of blood glucose levels should occur during the first visit to a gynecologist. If you need to perform glucose tolerance test - 75 g glucose load - and it turns negative, the test should be repeated at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy
in the second quarter -. between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy - every pregnant woman should conduct a screening test for gestational diabetes - Test 50 g glucose load should not be a post - involves drinking a solution of glucose in the blood collected for testing after an hour
seafront test analysis of 50 g glucose load. / u
below 140 mg / dl - the correct result of 140-200 mg / dl - impaired glucose tolerance - the test result requires confirmation of 75 g glucose load -; above 200 mg / dl - the result does not require confirmation, diagnosed with diabetes, and sent to the reference center / ul If
glucose intolerance was found in the test screening tests performed 75 g oral glucose load will then go to the lab on an empty stomach - .. the blood is collected at fasting and 2 hours after drinking the glucose solution
seafront Analysis Test 75 g oral glucose load: / u
below 100 mg / dL fasting or below 140 mg / dl after glucose tolerance - a result of normal, above 100 mg / dL fasting or above 140 mg / dl after glucose load -. gestational diabetes / ul
u treatment of gestational diabetes / u
Treatment begins with diet calorie intake should be adjusted to the pregnancy and pregnancy weight i was her physical activity. Protein should provide 20-25% of calories, fat, about 30-35 percent and 35-40% carbohydrates. Insulin should be included when insulin levels exceed 95 mg / dl or 120 percent. mg / dL at 2 hours after meals
u pregnancy continued to get the correct value of glucose in the range: / u
60-90 mg / dL fasting, 60-105 mg / dl before a meal below 140 mg / dL in 1 hour after meals, less than 120 mg / dL at 2 hours after a meal, more than 60 mg / dl during the night. / ul
In addition, if you have high blood pressure you should take proper treatment .. Diabetes Control and obstetric needs to spend at the center of the highest levels of reference, even if a pregnancy occurs properly
seafront risk factors that favor the development of gestational diabetes are: / u
Pregnancy after 35 years, diagnosis of diabetes in previous pregnancies and previous delivery of a large children - more than 4 kg -., the earlier a baby with Congenital malformations, previous intrauterine death, high blood pressure, being overweight before pregnancy / ul . In many schools, birthing techniques are also practiced in the field of yoga and meditation, participation in such activities has another advantage - .. provides an opportunity to establish new contacts and exchange of experiences among participants
u perineal massage / u
. to prevent or reduce perineal laceration during delivery, it is worth regularly massaged, ranging from 34 weeks gestation This will soften the perineal tissue and increase elasticity, the skin will be more blood in it and stretch - a very good way to prepare for childbirth Even in the case of perineal laceration, postpartum wound will heal faster than its cut. How
perineal massage?
best in the evening, after a bath, massage should last about 10 minutes. should be comfortable to lie down and do a clean thumb in the vagina to a depth of about 2 cm, and then gently stretch the anus to the area to constrict the vaginal wall and the line moved clockwise -. starting at 3.00 to 9.00 and back -. Then massage the area between the vagina and anus - inside and out - for this massage using natural oils, such as:. almond, wheat germ, or from St. Johns Wort
seafront something Mind / u
birth debit physically. and psychologically female body. during pregnancy and after birth in the mind of women there is a lot of changes, because in addition to physical preparation, it is also the emotional state of women. It is a mental attitude depends on how it will look childbirth. control of emotions at that moment can be very difficult - May hyperactive woman is anxious about the child should govern After all these emotions and think positively: All will be well / em, Dam Council / em. Big role to play throughout pregnancy the next person, for example, partner, mother or friend with whom you can talk about their fears. Such support is vital to the future mothers.
u autogenic training / u
preparation for childbirth, you should use relaxation techniques available One is autogenic training, which consists in controlling the speed and depth of breathing and relaxation of different muscle groups with this technique can be found in a state of deep relaxation - .. Training canceled. for anxiety and improves emotional state as this technique can be applied and after childbirth, to ease the pain and learn to control their own experience
Example training
oppressing Remove items such as: .. shoes, watch, belt or belt next. lie comfortably on your back and close your eyes to focus attention on themselves, forgetting about what is happening around, the next step is to take some deep breaths -. consists of inhalation and exhalation of air through the nose when the body is relaxed to go for proper training, as follows: Repeat to mind: feel relaxed, full of silence / em or makes me feel like a blissful peace / em, and now, attention should be focused on. right hand this time we repeat the following sentence - I feel like my right arm became heavier / em -. and so long as it actually feel totally relaxed then the same exercise should be performed by moving the next time: the left arm, legs, face, abdomen, neck, shoulders, hips When you complete relaxation should be addressed to the emotional side and calm the mind one has to say. fills my inner harmony and peace of mind, my mind is off and not think about the world around me / em. After training, you should lie down for several minutes motionless, eyes closed, not thinking about anything. It is important that at this point I feel that the mind and body are one. before opening your eyes, you will say: I am fully restored, you can feel the positive energy flowing through my body, I am ready for action / em at the end, slowly pull, open your eyes and get
u. .. Music therapy / u
In the case of pregnant women, the music on negative emotions and improve their mental or physical conditions. Nice sound, moreover, reduces muscle tension and reduce anxiety before birth, we can hear it during pregnancy, even while exercising. important genre of music - you need to make good choices that will not cause much noise music is calm and ease breathing, relax your body and mind helps in classical music, piano and sounds of nature - .. For example, birds singing, or the rustle of trees -
seafront a few extra tips. / U
before delivery to complete the real thing, of course, you must first learn what you need to take with you - usually inform your doctor, but you can. find the person at the institution where the birth will take place
Shortly before the deadline, while still at home, you should shave your intimate area - .. this will avoid the embarrassment and stress situation in the hospital
women in the workforce should be a lot of power, and you can add your scream and moan properly, like the sound produced during orgasm. therefore resemble the sounds coming out of the room, not torture. grunting, groaning, the air you exhale, relax the upper body and groin muscles. Constructive cry therefore should facilitate the delivery.
u Happiness! / U

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