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What requirements must meet the godfathers?

What requirements must be met Godfathers u God rests on a very important and very difficult duty to assist parents in the upbringing of the child to mature, a true Christian?

u God rests on a very important and very difficult duty to assist parents in the upbringing of the child in the adult, the true Christian / U Call us for the candidates should start early - our choice - only one or two - Godparents should be well thought out, and in case of refusal, it will be time to look deeper
u godfather is the duty of parents includes: / u
support parents in teaching children. Prayer and preparation for participation in Christian religious life, talk to your child about God and life issues and to prepare to receive the sacraments, and then the spiritual support in difficult moments of life. / ul
u godfather parent may be a person . that: / u
is determined by receiving baptism, the parents or the person who replaces them, and if there are such people, the parish priest or minister of baptism, the person that it must have the qualifications required for it. intention to perform the godfather parent task can not be a kind of usurper, or the person designated by the grandparents - .. unless the parents accept that the choice of more than 16 years, and in exceptional cases it may be a younger person that decision in this regard will be a priest or Minister, the person who gives the sacrament of baptism is a practicing Catholic - Confirmation issued ... and prove to the sacrament of the Eucharist now he runs a decent life, which corresponds to the function of the data will give a candidate for godfather parents should submit a certificate issued by the parish of residence, which can serve as a godparent - baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic Christian communities may serve only as a witness the next best man Catholic Baptism -. without any kind, in accordance with the law, the canonical penalty imposed or declared Moreover, no father or mother of reception of the Sacrament of Baptism This is an example Christian ... it is advisable to choose godparents, for example. people who are divorced or sacramental union, not the exercise should not be a choice of someone who leads a dignified life, the truth, but live far away and therefore will not be able to meet frequently with his godson . influence parent will sponsor a child in this case, little or even nothing. It is far better to fulfill their task a person with the possibility of more frequent contacts with the godchild.
u During the ceremony, the godparents should receive Communion, and previously used in the sacrament Reconciliation and Penance. / u

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