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How to prepare for pregnancy 10 tips

How to prepare for pregnancy

u prepare for pregnancy, we must take care of your body I mind is not enough to reach for the magazines I have for the future or read a book on the subject, although it will be useful for planning pregnancy can help ... prepare us for this very important stage to go through it healthier, faster and easier to recover its shape after the birth. conscious planning has also reduced the risk of complications in pregnancy and future health problems your child. / u
b When you start / b experts, scientists, doctors recommend to start preparing a year earlier. the first weeks of pregnancy are extremely important for proper fetal development, so it is important for the body from the very beginning he was ready to adopt a new tenant. 12 months plus the period of pregnancy is also a time to be challenged financially prepared to have a new family member. financial security disputes will provide you with physical comfort in the last months of pregnancy and after childbirth. b
How to prepare for a healthy pregnancy? / b u
Take care of physical activity. / u Pregnancy and childbirth is a huge effort for your body, muscles, bones, joints and tissues. Take care of your own. physical exercise state power are performed to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system - They make your heart beat faster -. those that improve the flexibility of muscles swimming, pilates, aerobics, cycling, Nordic walking - the possibilities are quite a lot.
u care for a healthy diet / u, rich in nutrients. Avoid highly processed foods, sweets, foods high in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats. Eat foods rich in folic acid, such as. oranges, bananas, egg yolks, rice, barley, wheat, green leafy vegetables - spinach, lettuce, parsley - . forget the other important minerals in pregnancy as calcium, vitamin E, iodine, magnesium, omega-3 case. doubt that you give your body the nutrients in adequate amounts, record each day for a week or two what you ate that such a list, visit a dietician. Do not take dietary supplements on your own!
u Avoid alcohol, sweeteners, caffeine restriction. / u Avoid the use of energy drinks, cola, etc. The study, published in May this year in the British journal Journal of Pharmacology / em, u conducted at nine thousand women found that drinking a day over four cups of coffee decreases the chances of conceiving by a quarter. / u Try, therefore, limited to a maximum of two cups of coffee daily.
u Avoid the use of hormonal methods of contraception. / u after stopping hormone pills the body can return to full normal saline, with the first menstruation, but this can only happen a year / em. . ja Often after using hormonal contraception or happen to anovulatory cycles or multiple ovulation. result of taking the tablets have irregular cycles, bleeding śródcykliczne or a shortened luteal phase. / em It is therefore extremely important to pre-terminate form contraception and give your body time to return to normal functioning.
u Beware of the menstrual cycle. / u Knowledge funkcjonawania your body is very important, not only the doctor will be able to answer questions related to the cycle, but for themselves.
u talk to your doctor / u. During regular inspections of your gynecologist, tell me about your plans. Discuss any additional testing, please feel free to ask questions that will break your doubts. Planned pregnancies also discuss with your GP, especially if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure, anemia or thyroid problems.
Pregnancy is a major challenge for the body / em - is therefore to prepare the body for this action must be strong enough to create new life . / em Take care of your form so long before conception. A healthy, strong body have large investments in child health, but also a high probability of safe childbirth.

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