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Obesity and pregnancy

. Obesity and pregnancy seafront Many experts and doctors emphasized the importance of proper weight gain during pregnancy

seafront Many experts and doctors emphasized the importance of proper weight gain during pregnancy Dame obese or overweight, we recommend returning the correct figure before designing and implementing healthy eating habits, however, there is always the pregnant woman is so fluffy .. Persistence and jam to lose weight, it happens that pregnancy was not planned. / u
b Increased risk / b A number of studies indicate serious complications caused. overweight mothers On Journal of the American Medical Association published a Research results show that obese pregnant women - a BMI over 30 - significantly more children born with congenital malformations, compared with pregnant women of normal weight is easy. one of numerous scientific studies documenting the serious negative impact of obesity on pregnancy outcome. / em
Obesity is the cause of most diseases in pregnancy, such as, for example, hypertension, edema, or gestational diabetes. / em. Of course, modern medicine and qualified medical staff, most helpful in the fight against this disease during pregnancy, but no one denies that such diseases are a threat to pregnancy / em
Obesity increases the risk of complications in childbirth -. in obese pregnant women are more likely to perform a caesarean section, because the body is able to fulfill this great effort, which is working in the meantime, cesarean section is a medical operation, which we often forget, and like any surgery - ... carries the risk of complications addition, women much longer to return to form after a caesarean section than after natural childbirth / em
b Difficulties in Research / b We can not confirm this problem, but obesity is often complicated by multiple medical tests, because excessive fat on the stomach may prevent your doctor to determine. fruit size, and its position can be difficult to determine the age of pregnancy, because women are very overweight are often irregular ovulation, therefore, a doctor visit can be very helpful to print data from medical devices -. cycle computers Lady-Comp, Baby- Comp or Pearly, showing all stored on the menstrual cycle of women. These computers are intended for everyday use at home, help in the observation cycle, women and the possibility of choosing the moment of conception.
b Council have for the future / b If
restore a healthy weight before conception is impossible, it is due to the state blessed as a turning point in their lives -. starting point for a permanent change in eating habits, awareness of responsibility for another life, which carries a woman, often a major motivation for change for the better, so do not start
.? First of all -. should be radically over the candy, give up all kinds of sugary snacks / em - Not only Cola is not recommended Any pregnant woman to sweetened drinks and fruit juices are not recommended nutritional value in them is not much, but there is a large dose of sugar in the best period - ... who probably would not be surprising -. non-carbonated mineral water / em
a quality food product, not its quantity is worth eating regular meals every 3-4 hours, carefully selected menu Avoid fried, fatty and highly processed foods ... choose vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, small amounts of fruit. kontrolujmy its regular weight, we should use the advice of your physician, you can consult a dietician. rezygnujmy also not moving. Although there are no medical contraindications, such as problems with the shortening of the cervix, pregnant women should take care of most of the movement exercise pool, walking, quiet gymnastics -. indicated here / em. -
Pregnancy is a wonderful time .. in which the woman is in a unique touch with their own bodies worth to use it, take care of yourself, learn to listen to signals from your body, choose what is best for him some healthy eating habits more than the current flies -. provide health and your baby, too. Take care of regular doctor visits pregnancy, which will track the status and child development. u Pregnancy does not even and should not mean a significant increase in body weight.

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