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What to do if your child does not listen to us?

What to do if your child does not listen to us u You say you ask a child and so do not listen to Remember, in this situation will not help shouting or threats

u You say you ask a child and so do not listen to Remember, in this situation will not help shouting or threats begin to change from one another -?. Learn how to talk with your child and be his model. This will help you these instructions. / u
u contact / u For
child you listened, you have to make eye contact with him. access to the child, kneel at the same height on it and say he looks straight in the eye and if it does not help, try physical contact - .. Take your child on your hands, hug and take care of something interesting when the baby starts to work and listen to them praise
u. Frequent conversations / u
find the time every day to talk with your child -. or talk to him and listen to what he has to say do not watch television at the time, do not listen to music, etc. can promise that from now on you will pay more attention to the child.
u not too / u
Maybe you noticed how often use the word, telling the child, for example, is not loud!, do not cry out, and can not finish, etc. Instead of firms do not, I do, the translator of the child in simple terms it means the baby, play with / talk a little quieter, you can download five times with water slides and go home.
u According to Action / u
in issuing his commands , be persistent - do not use that tone of the examiner or the imperative instead: Brush your teeth if you brush your teeth immediately say.: .. time to wash your teeth if you encourage your child does not listen to them to take the hand and lead me into the bathroom Malec must know that disobedience entails some consequences, for example, missing cartoons, if time does not brush his teeth.
u No malicious comparisons / u
Surely you ever compare your childs behavior with the behavior of other children as a small boy on the playground, do not say. See how that boy loves to play! you, as usual, youre rude, just try to mobilize the child to act if to hear from you. Honey, I see what kids are polite, I would also like to behave like this, you will definitely want to prove that it can and so is not worse than others.
u nerves / u
child is able to disturb the quietest man. think your nerves let you go? worst thing you can do this situation is to start or yell at a child - this is unacceptable - remember to hit them, the child draws a simple conclusion of each event: If mom can scream, use profanity, fighting - then I can rule over himself and avoid a short circuit, do not to argue with. child about anything - yes, when you actually put it on my own, and when you give way to the child so severely
u / u
You can not treat all children to swim so seriously .. to him a little pleasure, let him take the water bath toys, dolls, etc. Before dinner, instead of asking: Arrange, toys, please tell me: I wonder if the pads themselves come in a box
u you. child will listen to you depends on many factors but especially on the engagement - the time invested in child education, strength and ingenuity and creativity / u.

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