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Babies and children

Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Clothing for kids how to choose

Clothing for kids

seafront Clothing should be well-adjusted child - can be neither too hard nor too should be chosen above all comfortable clothing that will restrict freedom of movement Besides, it is always worth checking whether the clothes .. are certified providers of security / u
u Complete wardrobe for babies / u is necessary to take into account not only aesthetics, but most - finesse. clothes do not cause injury or irritation of sensitive baby skin.
jackets and suits should be appropriate level of child development, namely:
not be too large to arise folds uwieraƂy not a child, can not interfere with the movement, especially when the child begins to rise or sit down. / ul
Equally important is the cap, it and walking and after bathing. young child should be wool, non-slip socks.
clothing for infants should be air-permeable material. Otherwise, it increases the likelihood of scratches and chafing artificial fabrics disabled clothing, with which the babys skin comes into direct contact
course is best for babys sensitive skin fabric is cotton, especially when it comes to choosing the rest of the garment can be machine ... - last resort - you have a small addition of artificial materials, but not more than 20% of infant clothing should be washed separately and that they do not interfere with other clothes The less chemicals the better your baby has sensitive skin
seafront clothes for a little ... older children / u also need to adjust the level of development. If they can independently use the toilet, and should wear clothing that will not hinder him that, for example, if you guys are not very good selection of jeans - unbinding them may take a long time the best solution is simply pants with zipper and elasticated at the waist
golfami Children do not like because it interferes with the free manipulation of the head or just bite the better choice for your child will blouse ... zip up collar - the cold weather fulfills similar functions as well as golf, but if necessary can be undone
an important element of childrens clothing brand of shoes are best not to say, super- trendy and very expensive Suitable footwear should be comfortable above all, ... and the least complicated to put on and take off to boots to choose rubber or Velcro - .. you can quickly change and no laces to worry about
bonds clothing sizes for children under two years , usually given on the label in the Labels for months. clothing for children older than two years generally show the height and weight. Please note that dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer of clothing.
u If in doubt, choose the right clothes for your baby, you can always ask the dealer. When it comes to older children, you should always try on clothes to make sure that the best choice. / u

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