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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


How to dress the child and the child for a walk in the winter, spring, summer and autumn

How to dress the child and the child for a walk

u The clothes for the youngest children, more functionality than appearance counts Here are some tips on how to dress newborns and infants, depending on the season / U
u Walk in the Spring. And Fall / u
This season is characterized by changeable weather, so dress your baby the best known arch - .. then the easier it will be removed or put a layer of clothes, when your child becomes too hot or too cold to pay attention to the signals sends the child, if not they will say, for example. skopywać blanket with the cart, tug or pull a sweater jacket when cold, seek to enter into a sleeping bag
baby clothing is cotton Ideal body holds diapers .. but also protects the back body and belly straps can be short or long sleeve best to have a big gash in his head and triple-snap crotch body without sleeves must be presumed the doll, and for a short or long sleeve ... -. suits are supplement pajacyków cotton socks with appropriate tractor , so it will not slide down at the foot of a child in the colder weather is also beneficial suede shoes
if its cold, we put another layer of clothing a child .. or compressed t-shirt. sweater, preferably cotton or wool is the childs head must be in the right thickness - corresponds to the temperature - cotton cap, and small arms -. jednopalczaste gloves, which are most suitable for children traveling in a deep chair, the hand with his feet jumpsuit and hood. or set for more freedom of movement, ie: jackets and trousers Spring and autumn are the best hikes starting number, under which it is worthwhile to put socks or półśpioszki - kalesonki with their feet -
u summer ... walk. / u
summer, your child should wear thin, airy clothing especially in the hottest days you have in mind a hat with a visor - .. will protect delicate skin from the head rays of the sun if temperatures exceed 25 degrees C, your child is just fine, body and diaper flannel, which will cover the child gets a little colder when ideal -. at this time of year -. garment called Rampers, a panorama of puppets - is extremely easy to use and fully supports the diaper
. u Winter Walk / u
useful for Winter walk to warm up suit with a hood - one or two pieces -. on the basis of the body, jackets and suits, a sweater or sweatshirt in this set jednopalczaste mandatory gloves and a hat Dojenčad lose most heat through your head, so it is very important hat - opportunities .. cotton, which should allow the child warm and prevent overheating of the head, if no suit hood, cotton caps should have one - wool. It should find a toddler dressed in a warmed śpiworku. It will be useful and that is located at the bottom of the trolley .

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