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How to tell a child of divorce

How to tell your children about your divorce u Divorce is for the child, whether preschooler or a teenager, a very difficult moment

u Divorce of parents is a child, whether preschooler or a teenager, ending a very difficult moment, because a certain stage in life, and begins a new - .. Unknown to alleviate the tragic situation, you skillfully talk with your child about. razvod Here are tips on how to do it / u
u talking, if it should happen after the closing / u -. 100% -. u decision to break up / u It should not be subject, if one parent will move out of home just a few, a few months ago -. baby will be hoping that the parents reconciled and all is well, but you can also talk about the divorce a day before moving out because the baby can survive a shock . best interview conducted a few days before a significant change. absolutely not about when a child is faced with a major event at school or when she is sick. worth talking when all at home, and not by anyone anywhere. hurry
u start a conversation, the child should be explained to all divorce / u -. where it is going to get, and who decides on how many your child will learn and understand about it, including will feel more confident information should first be short and to the point - the youngest children .. suffice it to say that parents no longer live together, but you will need to provide day care more about the reasons for separation in any case, ensure that the child that the divorce was not his fault, and certainly does not change the parents love that will always be eternal
u reasons for divorce is best to say as follows / u. We are very sorry, but no longer like / can not get along, so we must part, decided to divorce, but we We will always be your parents and never stop loving you, etc. Please tell your child how his life will look like after the divorce. To provide a sense of security, it is also worth talking about smaller things, like the child who will be hauled to extracurricular activities or going to school in wywiadówki It is important to notify parents where to live, which ranges from -. child needs a clear message to the contact with both parents is worth mentioning the possibility of watching the child and the other parent to determine, among others .. duration of such meetings
u During discussion of divorce do not cry, scream, or pretend to be happy / u - smile in this case is quite inappropriate to the child should not hear bad things about the other parent, because it can impact on subsequent relationships with Mom or Dad It should not be any cost to alleviate the situation, saying it was child .. that maybe the parents should be to reconcile and restore
Children react differently to divorce Cry, disobedience, rebellion - ... the most common responses to the message, but it is far better to show them the statement. It is completely normal, provided it does not last too long. u If the child is unable to cope with this problem, you should provide technical assistance and go the psychologist. / u Specialist will help the child get used to the new situation and recommend appropriate therapy.

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