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How to raise teenagers

How to raise a teenager u Adolescence is a difficult time, not only for youth but also for parents

u Adolescence is a difficult time, not only for teens but for parents in the body and the psyche of the child, if there are a number of radical changes, accompanied by various emotions, parents often have to deal with aggressive behavior. Teens and they do not necessarily have to deal with their own anger / u
u the teenager grew into a wise man, to avoid the common mistakes of education, namely: / u
u first ignore the changes / u
When a child begins to change dramatically - for example, behaves differently than usual, gives a strange idea, etc. -. must respond to the worst thing you can do in this case, the behavior is left unnoticed and passage through the addition of agenda. so to speak and speak again!
u second reversal of the burden of education for school / u
Parents sometimes too high expectations for teachers to., school is where children should feel comfortable and safe - it does not mean, however, that it is able to save teenagers from contact with alcohol or drugs This is the wrong approach, because his education in this subject should begin. much earlier -. in the house These parents have a special obligation to introducing children to the rules of behavior - they must explain and point out all the evil in this world can offer help schools
u third and almost Bulwersowanie sermons / .. in
Parents often compare children with each other when they were same age: As I /-I was your age .... Yet you have to take into account the fact that todays teens are different .. and it is definitely from their peers last generation there is nothing else but try to understand and accept these differences would teenager grew into a wise man, the parents should manage it properly, but not by giving orders - we talk about the possibilities out of every, even the most difficult situation and show your child how to make the right decisions.
seafront fourth Determination of unrealistic goals and expect the same positive results / u
task of parents is not only setting achievable goals, but also to foster joint strategies and planning of teenage children often expect too much - for any offense the parents harshly criticize them, for various accomplishments, and - .. This little blurb can cause teenagers causing frustration and reluctance to take on new challenges
u 5th Elimination of reward and punishment / u
not just little kids, teenagers, but one should know the limitations of must not be exceeded. not immediately enter the house military discipline, but do not overdo it and stress-raising -. teenager needs to know that bad behavior is linked forever with the consequences, good with compliments, but do not be too harsh for a teenage child, it is worth, and that his participation in the establishment of sanctions and rewards.
u Parenting teens is a challenge for every parent -., but do not overdo it or look the same mistakes in the childs adolescence has its own rules without regard to behavior of the rebellious young man, still support him and listen to what he has to say. / u

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