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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Ways to calm a child before bedtime

. Ways to calm a child before bedtime u For many parents, the biggest difficulty is usypianie their children

u For many parents, the biggest difficulty is usypianie their children - often does not venture to consult, therefore, mute as a child soon fell asleep in a blissful Here are some reliable ways / u
... u first warm milk / u - .. has magical properties, and all because it contains natural opioids called kazomorfinami These compounds have a sedative effect
u second Relaxing Bath / u - warms and relaxes What is the reason why so soon after her child to sleep must be washed with a slow, gentle movements, and then delete the appropriate use of cosmetics, such as: .. baby belly is good smear olive
u third Soothing massage / u -. easier thanks to the collapsed into a deep sleep during this process, primarily to look after a child is important to warm the atmosphere -. you can dim the lights and turn on quiet music
u fourth. Lullaby / u - a method known and used successfully for centuries. This is the same child to sing or to buy a CD of lullabies performed by actors. In order to appease the youngest children - Babies and toddlers - parents are sometimes used as a hair dryer to soothe the baby has a constant noise. But this is not the best way by far safer to turn prenatal lullabies / em with the rhythmic sound of music, supported by the prenatal environment. It should listen to it together with your child in the first 10 minutes, and when the boy starts to fall asleep - out of the room and let yourself fall asleep.
u fifth Wypłakanie in / u - This is one of the most effective method of silencing at bedtime. Crying is a tired child something totally different from the cries of a child torn from sleep. Very tired boy makes a howling sound, which at the time of laying him to sleep - it usually takes 10 to 30 minutes -. All you need to do in this situation is that your baby to sleep alone. Some parents are difficult to reconcile with the crying child, but it does not need to look into a little room in front after 10 minutes for 2 minutes -. Not any more - you can convince your child touch or teach, and then leave the room - wait another 10-15 minutes and re-visit the child. This method is effective when the child is removed from the crib. The time it takes to silence the child depends largely on their age, such as monthly child only about 5-10 minutes, but when I was very tired - take up to 20 minutes after that, the child needs to learn to fall asleep within. a few days. This time may be longer, of course, but the intensity and frequency of crying every day will be less.
b u Sleep hygiene of children by age: / u / b
seafront infants / u you go to bed when sleepy, but still not sleeping. The youngest child should not sleep in the spacious and bright rooms. So far, staying in a tight stomach we have, because it is easiest to get to sleep in a bed covered with dark cloth, and the sound of music with a pounding heart, u in children / u the habit of falling asleep independently determine the allocation of permanent and fixed hours of laying going to bed, as well as create favorable conditions for sleep - when the child turns one year and no longer sleeps in any place as soon as the body requires it. Such a child is active during the day, the easier it is confusing and therefore difficult for him to sleep in an unfamiliar place; seafront of children aged 1-6 years / u you need to follow routines to plan the day - afternoon nap should not be a delay of sleep the night . Enter the grand preparation for sleep and keep unchanging sequence of actions performed before going to bed, and remember the relevant conditions in the bedroom and let the child toy company in bed - a cuddly sleep aid faster -; u for school children - 7 -12 - years / u is still valid now regularly goes to bed. Before going to bed, your child should not consume products containing caffeine and TV and the computer must be set up outside his bedroom. / UL

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