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How to organize a carnival for children

How to organize a carnival for children u Carnival is a time of frenzied and fun experience, not only for adults

u Carnival is a time of frenzied and fun experience, not just for adults goes hand in hand balls are organized in schools, kindergartens, childrens clubs and the homes here are tips on how to organize a carnival for children. / u
b place and time / b Equipping
Carnival, there is no need to rent a room or play area restaurant, unique entertainment can be arranged in your own home. Only poprzesuwańá furniture, prepare the table with refreshments and decorate the space to create a fantastic place for kids to dance and have fun If possible, preferably a room dedicated to childrens playroom, and the other -. in place of refreshment and rest
Bal best be placed in a single day of the carnival concept ... fun to be agreed with the other parents that all children can be invited to participate in the event of adoption does not last long - only about 3-4 hours -. later than 18:00 to 19:00 hours
. br b mask / b
for children is the most important element of carnival costume ball should primarily appeal to the child, but it should be easy - the boy will be in it, danced, played and sat down, cover up, because it should not be too tight, too thin or too heavy for youngest children, carnival costume should not contain dangerous types of accessories. fairy wand, sword, gun, etc. Yes, these things look cool and complementary whole, but the rage of fun for your child to harm or hurt - your own or ... second child
hide the ball you can do it yourself, or hire a car to buy clothes is even viable, but be careful not to destroy it no problem, you can buy ready-made disguise in supermarkets and online stores -. prices vary, but unfortunately not always go hand in hand with the highest quality advantage suit from scratch is its uniqueness, but the purchase of appropriate materials and additives can be comparable to the cost of renting or buying the finished costume . no.
b Decorations / b Another equally important element is the adoption of the room decor of colored balloons, streamers, confetti, garlands, stars, lanterns - the decorations, without which the party will be held. It is also worth thinking about decorations reflect the theme of acceptance, for example, if fun topic will refer to the jungle, we can brighten a room with exotic animals and flowers made from colored tissue paper. decorated hall prepared to meet a nice table, and color plates, and - preferably plastic cups -., mixes and straws or occasions as meals for kids
b Invitations / b Karneciki
can buy at the store or do it yourself .. best time to comfort Invitations should be related to the topic of adopting at least two weeks prior to the ball, they must be in person or send a thing. place, date and time to start the game, along with an indication of his character if you want to be a masked ball, to inform other parents so they can prepare appropriate clothing for their children.
b Attractions / b Topic
adoption should be tailored to the age of children. ideas can be a lot, for example. pirates, Wild West, a small zoo, Underwater Mystery, etc. prom theme should be reflected not only in disguise, but the decoration and carnival menu
In the absence of inspiration, you can always resort to proven games and activities from the time of my childhood, such as:. tomatoes, deaf phone, blindmans buff, etc. If you can afford, you should spice up the adoption of the performance of a clown or magician - this show will surely Win young partiers Carnival procession led by the mother, and dances in a circle Plasy encourage all children to have fun.
b Refreshments / b All meals should be displayed in an attractive, colorful and small parts. Most make little sandwiches - mini burgers -. and chopped fruits and vegetables fun for kids will be homemade pizza cut into triangles, and for dessert they want the debt or whipped cream with fruit
b gifts. / b after the ball, you can give each child a colored balloon lollipop or a souvenir for many long years the children will be photos taken during the event -. each of which may contain a commitment, for example: with thanks for a great time.

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