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When and how to tell a child that is adopted

When and how to tell a child that was adopted u Most psychologists and parents think that they should not hide the truth from a child to be accepted

u Most psychologists and parents think that they should not hide the truth from a child who is adopted in this case raises the question: When and how to tell a child about adoption.?. If you are aware from the outset that he is the biological parent of someone else, or it may refrain from explaining the case until the child gets older, or maybe do not say? / u Talk b
and that as soon as possible. / b
child needs to know the truth u about when and how to tell him that we should take into consideration before making a final decision on adoption / u The best already. child childhood salaries as follows: My / Our loved one adopted daughter / em, My / Our beloved adopted son / em, etc. This allows the child will be able to get used to that word., and parents are telling the truth
Younger children are easier to accept the fact that was adopted - from the earliest years should osłuchiwać so this concept does not necessarily understand them seafront children 3-5 years I do not know. scheme or even the burden associated with this term - adoption .. do not associate them with any bad negative / u so soon you will learn what is all about, it is easier for them to understand the past, when they get older
is very important to the childs age, but equally important is the very moment you can not just accost a child for dinner: . You know what, son, you made / em, Im not your real mom, you were made / em, etc. Do not talk about it this way! u should feel a real moment, and most of the situation when, for example, the child begins to question the same things. / u It is therefore necessary to prepare questions such as: How do I / em, I was born Who / em , carried me in the stomach / em, think adoptive /? - / em, etc. And although it is very difficult to tell the child to another mother gave birth to them, and the other loves and educates This does not expose the truth once and for all close circle all insinuations and lies.
b true, and so come to light: / b To be confidential adoptions, parents will be accompanied by constant fear that sooner or later the child learns about his own past or from sympathetic people. u If this happens, it will be not only emotional problems in children, but also reduce the credibility of the parents in his eyes. / u will start resent the fact that nothing is said to have always cheated, lied, and they do not like. u Worst of all, you May want to find the biological parents. / u So, in raising a child adopted in the most important is the truth and to love and family .
u often reveal the truth is not just fear of the reactions of the child, but also friends and neighbors, this fear is unwarranted, because now the news is all about adopting a child meets with approval and a favorable opinion on the environment -. adoptive family can count on the interest, concern and support proposals to third parties. / u

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