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Postnatal depression symptoms and treatment

Postnatal depression

u Birth of a child are associated with many changes in womens lives, often causing the fledgling effort of Mom had no strength or will to deal with your own child to that state, that does not stop. For a long time, it can be postpartum depression / u
b Baby blues and postpartum depression / b For many women after childbirth, you can see the status of depressed mood. - it is called blues / em - mild postpartum depression - This phenomenon is associated with certain symptoms - the woman asks ..? will be managed by Will I be a good mother, etc. - of depression is usually the first week after birth, but does not require treatment, usually resolves spontaneously with behind. Unfortunately, in some cases, like the situation is much longer and more difficult and may even be suicidal. typical postpartum depression usually occurs two months after the birth of a child - it can build up gradually or begin suddenly without any warning
seafront Symptoms of postpartum depression. / u
loss of appetite or intensify, trouble sleeping, or excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, which prevents normal function, abdominal pain, severe headache, loss of libido, irritability, apathy, apathy, tearfulness, depression, eternal sadness, slowness of movements, attacks, fear, unwillingness to deal with a child, a pessimistic attitude toward life and the future, discouragement and lack of faith in your abilities and skills, a sense of no-exit situation, thoughts of suicide or a desire to do harm to the child. / ul
b treating postpartum depression / b
Postpartum depression is treated in several ways -. it depends on the degree of advancement of its most effective form of treatment, especially in severe cases, it is u pharmacological treatment combined with psychological / u psychiatrist selects the appropriate medication. and psychological therapy can effectively reduce symptoms of depression within a few weeks. Modern drugs are not addictive and safe for nursing mothers. Good results can be achieved with therapy or psychodynamic psychotherapy currents. Lots of Polish cities function U Support Group / u for women who are struggling with postpartum depression. so that you can meet other moms with similar problems and share experiences. About this group should ask a psychologist or psychiatrist.
easiest way to start the treatment of postpartum depression reported a family doctor, who will give you further instructions on how to get professional help. to make an appointment with a psychiatrist, does not need referrals, assistance in the field of mental health services for insured persons free.
is also very important to u next / u -. without this difficult woman to deal with new situations during this time, surround it with special care, even if it does not require a good remedy to improve your mood. can be a simple way to the hairdresser or beautician or a shopping mall.
u Some women are afraid to get psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy, thinking that the court deprived them of parental rights or deemed frivolous. No way! dog Central depression is a parent worries about their child, and recognize the responsibility of the mother. / u

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