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How to get rid of cradle cap

How to get rid of cradle cap Cradle cap u is a common but harmless disease that occurs in infants shortly after birth

u Cradle cap is a common but harmless disease that occurs in infants shortly after birth manifested by excessive flaking of the skin -. Can form a thick, yellow scales Cradle cap is caused by a malfunction in the sebaceous glands, which. usually disappear about 3 months of age. / u
b ways cradle cap / b u
oil / u Before you apply
spread to the childs head with large amounts of baby oil and then covered with gauze soaked in olive and impose a fluttering cap. After 15 minutes, carefully comb softened hulls with a soft brush, then rinse shampoo babys head. Scales Do not scrub or scrape.
u cream / u
proven method is to finish with cream. expand babys head should be slightly warm cream, then cover with foil and keep for about 2 hours. After this time, gently wash and cream flannel and comb scales.
u Oatmeal / u
aid treatment to combat cradle cap is peeling from oatmeal or wheat bran. These products are perfect to soften and exfoliate the skin. to soak them in warm water and gently rub your babys head, preferably several times a week In the meantime, use baby shampoo
u Olejuszka / u
highly resistant cradle cap will help you prepare called Olejuszka - .. cost about 25 zl - which accelerates the peeling of the scale and facilitates their removal It is safe to use -. does not contain salicylates harmful to children, does not cause irritation
cradle cap removal is often a lengthy process -. can take several weeks, with daily treatment if the problem persists, it may be a sign of allergies in this case, contact Contact your pediatrician - .. Bottle-fed babies, the doctor will recommend a change in the hydrolyzed mixture of experts visit the warranty when the symptoms of cradle cap does not disappear or even worse ..
u Additional Information: / u
child with cradle cap is not overheating - sweat intensifies symptoms and prolongs healing time of skin, an ally in the fight against cradle cap is oxygen - air circulation ensures a cotton cap - the contributions of the need to remove the head is not sweating - and after treatment cradle cap, you should To look at the childs head - the problem may return / ul.

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