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How to teach your child to pronounce r

How to teach your child to pronounce r u incorrect pronunciation of the letter r is called rotacyzmem or reraniem

u Incorrect pronunciation of the letter r is called rotacyzmem or reraniem - is most common in childrens speech defect / U Phone
r is difficult in terms of articulation of sound and usually occurs later in relation to the stock . sound of a child - often between 5 and 6 years ago, sometimes replaced by sounds: j, l, which belongs to the sounds, forms of development
b If rotacyzmu conducted preliminary exercises that are designed to bring top languages ​​.. The main vibration exercise are: / b
stretching lying tongue freely in the mouth, so that the sides touching the molars, and then thrown wide language, recognition of language between the shores and gentle chewing molars, including the upper teeth, raising the broad language of the upper teeth, imitation or the actual tip of the tongue sucking candy, fast and delicate alveolar pronunciation of vowels Sends TID, at, with considerable din opens his mouth and strongly support the repeat: this, that they, you, you, you, de, de, de, dy, dy, dy, singing songs in different syllables la, lo, le, Lu, The repetition with gradual acceleration: BDA, BDO, BDE, BDU, BDY, PTA, PTO, PTE, PTU, PTY, BDA-PTA, BDO-pto , BDE-Pte, BDU-PTU, broad-pty BDY when opening the mouth, raising the tip of the tongue against the palate, and then quickly and repeatedly pronouncing the sounds przytępionych T, D, and consonant groups: TD, TDN, and syllabic groups: TED, Ted, Saturday, Sunday, Tedo-Tedo, Ted, Ted, you then / ul
b. Older children perform these exercises in the office logopedycznym they require compliance with the following order:. / b speech therapist demonstrates exercises and encourages a child to watch a child trying to do the exercises with speech therapist self-baby tries to perform exercises in.., speech therapist monitors and corrects for incorrectly made movable elements
b practice pronunciation sounds RW syllables, words and sentences: / b
plays the trumpet - the APR, tru here here., the content of the tractor - tour tour tour, pyr pyr pyr, a dangerous dog - WRR WRR WRR, the flying birds - Fru Fru Fru, mumps - Chrum Chrum Chrum; ringtone - dryn dryn dryn; crow - country country country; car - Brum Brum Brum. / ul b
renewal training examples: / b
ar, er, or , ur, god, Ra, re, ro, ru, ry, fire and people, time, beginning, yry, grain, edre, deferred, association, ydry, Dr, Dre, roads, others are dry, May third, Pietro , TRU, try; ladder play, few roads, printed wiring, the other team, the national grid, chalk blood, slice cows, crows, King, a working washing machine, catapult shuttle, trying to mold, clam box, race war and rocket rescue , the role, the oil pan trapezoidal grass, Trojak him, trying strawberry, triple triangle, wood wall hood turns on duty, installer code, a set of holes, cheese wheel. / ul

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