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How to be a good grandmother

How to be a good grandmother u Being a grandmother, for many women is a very difficult moment in my life

u Being a grandmother, for many women is a very difficult moment in my life I have to part with the role of mother, but with the current method of performing this function, otherwise, it looks a little motherhood, children and other adults Joy. Have grandchild may be accompanied by fear, uncertainty and sadness / u Grandma b
ideal is one that is capable of. / b interview u
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When a child is sad or crying, you must listen to them carefully, and then help him to understand the problem and find the best solution is important to explain to the childs life can meet different kinds of adversity -. thanks, decreases more quickly understand the world around them and next time will not make the same mistake
seafront answer questions / u
Children are developing very quickly .. are curious and interviewing various things a grandmother who wants to know the answers to all these questions: continuously refreshes and deepens your knowledge - is interested in different areas life should provoke grandchildren as often as possible to speak - to ensure that the eagerly talked about their joys and fears This is not a simple matter to keep up with the interests of todays children .. or teenagers. not sure, or simply do not have news on the topic , ask for clarification grandchildren -. will certainly be very proud of
u play and learning / u
to observe the behavior of grandchildren, especially the youngest -. to pay attention to the treatment of other children and toys If grandma does not loves something, it should call a child with a mild tone, lean over him and patiently explained what was so bad that he got This should be done with love and kindness. best opportunity to create a closer relationship with their grandson is spending time away from home . you can teach your child to identify birds, trees, or ride a bike.
u Support / u
Loving grandmother still has to support his grandson .. Encourage the development of passions, interests, abilities and enthusiasm of all comments Junior Achievement All this makes the child will remember your grandmothers presence forever
helping to care for her grandson, the grandmother should show loyalty to the childs parents. most common mistake is to question your parenting. certainly not easy, but you must accept the fact that the all these years, the care and upbringing of children, much has changed. grandmother just needs to continue to make sure that parents raise their children, and it only supports absolutely not allowed to enter their orders and the childs parents impose their own solutions -. can advise, Here it is poproszonym -. care for grandchildren, grandmothers should not forget it is also a mother.

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